Fast Facts About Drinking in Amsterdam During Your Vacation

Posted on: 22nd August 2014

Amsterdam VacationDue to the Heineken’s popularity, one might think that it is the only beer in the Dutch region. However, a small brewing industry thrives in the Netherlands, and it produces some of the best stuff you can get your hands on. Among the three main categories that is pils, bokbier and wit bier, pils is the one most popular with the Dutch. It is a light golden beer served in small glasses with foam that is sure to refresh you on your vacation.

The strong and lively wit bier, which is a white brew, is what the Amsterdammers use to get refreshed in summers. Bokbier is another version of pils – slightly stronger – that consists of spices. You can find Trappist beers, fruit beers, Lambics, dark brown ales and wheat beers easily as the Dutch are fond of drinking Belgian brews.

Watering Holes

Brouwerij’t IJ

This is a microbrewery, which you can find on the eastern suburbs of Amsterdam. It is located under a windmill. Here you can find Natte, Columbus, Struis, Zatte, and a variety of other brews, which you can enjoy on its large terrace, if the weather allows. They are open every day from 2 pm-8 pm. You can visit them at Funenkade 7, east of Amstel, Amsterdam, 1018 AL. You can contact them on 020/320-1786 or visit their website at

Café Belgique

This is a little café with a welcoming ambience. It is situated behind Nieuwe Kerk and is home to a splendid collection of Belgian ales. Visit it at Gravenstraat 2, Het Centrum which is the old city centre, Amsterdam, 1012 NL. Call at 020/625-1974 or visit the website at for more information.

De Zotte

Translated in Flamish as ‘the drunk’, this pub is located off Leidseplein and offers almost one hundred types of Belgian beers. You are sure to get drunk at this pub because that is what it is aimed to do! Visit it at Raamstraat 29, Leidseplein, Amsterdam 1016 XL. Contact 020/626-8694 or visit the website at for more information.

Het Elfde Gebod

Located in the centre of the Red Light District, Het Elfde Gebod is a cozy bar that offers seven types of Belgian beers on tap and above sixty types of beers in bottles. Visit at Zeedijk 5, Het Centrum (old city centre), Amsterdam, 1012 AN, or the website for more details.

In de Wildeman

Offering two hundred and fifty types of bottled brews and seventeen types of beers on tap in a lively environment, In de Wildeman is an attraction for adults of all ages and types. It also has a beer of the month. Visit at Kolksteeg 3, Het Centrum (old city centre), Amsterdam, 1012 PT. Call at 020/638-2348 or visit the website at for more details.

Favourite Beer Store

Offering a collection of 1,100 brews and lots of glassware plus accessories, Bierkoning is the favorite store of Amsterdam and is probably the best beer store in all of Netherlands. It has a knowledgeable and friendly staff that can help you learn whatever you want to about beer. It is situated behind the Dam Square. Visit it at Paleisstraat 125, Het Centrum (old city centre), Amsterdam, 1012 RK. Call at 020/625-2336 or visit the website at for more information.


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