Facebook:  Not just a social networking site

Posted on: 18th October 2014

Facebook social networking siteFacebook is other outskirts for compeers and numerous brands are utilizing the interpersonal organization to allure supporters and shopper input. The prizes for Facebook Competitions have a tendency to be superior to those offered on Twitter as information could be gathered. In spite of the fact that Facebook have attempted to present rules for brands running competitions yet the fundamentals of utilizing FB for competing continues as before. Before you can get underway, you will need to enroll a Facebook account.

Single Account or Two

A few compeers utilize two records for Face book - an individual one and a competition committed one. On the other hand, Facebook do state in his or her terms that it ought to be one record for every individual. Our recommendation is be cautious as you could lose both records if got.

Finding Competitions

We utilize our divider, the spot to post messages to say a couple of competitions. In the event that you have, competing mates on Face book then verify you like them as well as by perusing their timetables you can spot different giveaways.

Like to Enter Competitions

To enter Facebook competitions you are continually going to need to "like" a brand! A few promoters will lead a prize at x000 likes or enter you into the draw for preferring them in spite of that being against Facebook's rules for challenges! In our feature illustration, we are simply revealing to you that it is so natural to like a page on Facebook. For this situation, it is for Sensation Crisps, who are doling out free crisps.

Special Tips:

1-      Find individual compeers and discover/offer comps together!

2-      Be watchful in case you are utilizing two Face book records, you're not implied as well!

3-      Check the principles, terms and conditions!

4-      Not all Face book comps are UK based, so do pay special mind to area.

5-      You are offering your points of interest so verify you know whom you are imparting to.

6-      Watch out for displaying sort competition destinations - they run comps on FB as well.

7-      Some "like at x000" part competitions have no trust of completing - be watchful who you like.

8-      Keep an eye out for champion publications - you are not generally told!

9-      Don't stress in the event that you do not get it - there are constantly different comps to try.
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