Facebook Lets You Raise Money For Your Favourite Charities

Posted on: 27th May 2017

Facebook has always been used by people and organisations to gain support and spread the word about causes people care about, and since July 2016, the social media network has been rolling out a tool that allows people to create personal fundraisers for verified charities, and accept donations from other users without having to send them to an outside site to complete their transactions.

Currently limited to US-based non-profits, the feature allows charitable organisations to rally support. The list of verified charities include Oxfam, The Nature Conservancy and Alzheimer’s Association. The fundraising pages are complete with a funds goal, information about the project and a donate button.

The tool is still only available to a small percentage of Facebook users, but those who can access the initiative can chose to support any of the 100 verified non-profits. Facebook will receive five per cent of the total funds raised, while the charities receive the remaining 95 per cent.

The hope is that the tool will help accelerate fundraising initiatives for non-profits by giving everyday Facebook users a chance to get the word out about certain charities through their news feeds, messenger and email.

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