FaceBook Contests And Sweepstakes – 5 Quick Tips To Make The Most Of It

Posted on: 17th April 2014

FaceBooks has gradually become one of the best ways to help customers connect with various businesses. Many of these businesses use sweepstakes and contests on FaceBook to build their brand and generate awareness about their products and/ or services. It is very easy to find and enter these sweepstakes and contests – and through this method win some great prizes.  Of course, first of all you would need to have your own account.


  1. Find Your Favorite Companies – as mentioned earlier, most companies would have a FaceBook account and use it to make promotional announcements including sweepstakes, regularly. Look up your favorite companies and “Like” them. Follow what is mentioned on these pages and you will often be pleasantly surprised by a contest or sweepstake with wonderful prizes.
  1. Follow People Who Love Contests and Sweepstakes – there will always be those friends who are always lucky, who are always discovering some great contest/ sweepstake/ lottery. Stay in touch with these people as their enthusiasm about FaceBook sweepstakes/ competition would lead to discovering many wonderful contests and sweepstakes.
  1. Share Sweepstakes On Your Wall (you can restrict the announcement to reach only friends who are interested to receive information about sweepstakes) – share information about any great sweepstakes and contests.  When you start this trend your friends will also do the same and in the process you will gain access to as many as possible contests from among those available on FaceBook.
  1. Start Your Own Sweepstakes Group – with FaceBook you could start a group – name it Sweepstakes – and invite friends to share news about what they know for the benefit of everyone. It is easy and it is quick – besides it will give you entry into a circle of people who love FaceBokk  (and other) contests and sweepstakes.
  1. Remove FaceBook Application You Do Not Need – every time you enter a sweepstake or contest on FaceBook you may be asked to agree to install of an app that will give them access to some information about you – and also post some promotions on your wall. You can remove the app you no longer need/ want without any problem.


You could also stop the companies from posting anything on your wall without “unlike” them. All you have to do is hover on the top right side of the posting to get a drop-down menu saying “hide all from XYZ” and you will not have any more post from that company on your wall.


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