Experience the Luxuries of Scotland During Your Vacation

Posted on: 20th August 2014

??????????????????Get acquainted with the everyday life customs of the Scottish if you want to get a true sense of their contemporary culture, and luxuriate in some of its charms. Here are a few things that you can participate in easily.

Let’s have a cuppa

No matter what time of the day it is, the Scots are always up for a cuppa while catching up on the local happenings. Although tea is still the most popular choice of the Scots for a refreshment, the café culture has spread to such an extent that it has brought about a new era of coffee houses – in the cities, as well as the countryside. Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel, and Glasgow’s Willow Tearooms are probably the most exhilarating places to indulge in a refreshing pot of tea in the afternoon; a nice pot of tea, paired with little sandwiches packed with flavour, and a cake slice, is worth stopping for. Coffee houses continue to become more and more popular in the cities; although different, their atmosphere is equally worthwhile. However, if you are more interested in getting a taste of life in villages and smaller towns, then you can always find a local haven, which can provide you with tea paired with yummy scones covered with homemade jam.

Let’s indulge in some whisky

The pub is the hub of social life. People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds enjoy going to the pub. If you want to find out why people enjoy going to the pub so much, go out and explore a pub or two. Since the pubs now have no-smoking laws, their environment is much fresher. The cities provide a variety of pubs; elegant cocktail bars, Cuban, and Australian now join the traditional favourites of Scotland. The rural areas offer just a few options, but the experience might turn out to be better, if you are lucky enough to witness a pub quiz or the folk music of the local bands. Whisky is available in all Scottish pubs, but if you fancy a little sip of the deeper malts, then have someone direct you to the right place. Whisky lovers will enjoy going beyond the pubs to a distillery where they can tour around and taste the malts. Distilleries can be easily found in many parts of the country.

Let’s play some ball!

The Scots are very emotional about football; however, they claim otherwise. Listening to them discuss their favourite sport will give you a deep understanding of their temperament. Michael Marra sang ‘win, lose, or draw, you go home to your bed just the same’ and the Scots claim that it is only a game, but if you see the men and women watching a football game in a pub, you will realize how much it is more than just a game. The Scottish Premiership opened up after the Rangers were transferred to the 3rd division. Despite that, the Celtic are still the dominant ones. The condition of the Scottish national team is the topic of debate everywhere. Although they are not good at collecting trophies, the Tartan Army certainly is the most entertaining and agreeable.

Bake my day!

Although not as skilful as the French patisserie, or the Italians, the Scots are truly in love with their bakeries. The treats are not as delightful as the French or Italian, but they do taste delicious. Try out some of the local favourites while travelling in the region, which are abundant. The Aberdeen buttery is a salty roll that literally melts in your mouth; the Forfar bridies is like a meat pastry; the Selkirk bannock is a sweet scone with raisins in it, and pairs up perfectly with butter and a cup of tea. The Scotch pie is different in different regions – minced beef, bean, mutton, and macaroni are the different fillings. A Scotch Pie Championship is held every year. Although the spread of massive supermarkets is forcing many businesses to close down, it is worth looking for independent bakeries, and trying their delicious treats so as to make your vacation enjoyable.

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