Experience That Golden Glow in Dubai

Posted on: 3rd February 2014

Golden Glow in DubaiHaving a gold facial is the new standard when it comes to experiencing a gold-plated service during your travel getaway in Dubai. You did not read wrong my friend. It is something that the Talise Ottoman Spa boasts to its indulgent visitors.

So if you fancy a stay at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel and you’re not afraid to spend $7,600 for this 90-minute facial, you’ll be the talk of the town for indulging in "the world's most luxurious spa experience". It is supposed to slow down the breakdown of elastin and collagen depletion.

Whatever it is, some may think that it is absurd to pay that much for a facial. But if you care to know, this 24-carat-gold chain mask over your face comes with a full-day treatment package including a milk bath in a hammam (steam room similar to a Turkish bath) and a massage. But your Midas knight of the Round Table experience does not stop there yet. You get caviar lunch and champagne plus access to whirlpool and Jacuzzi – all at the privacy of your own luxurious spa suite.

The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel can be found on Dubai’s Palm Island with designs after the Ottoman architecture in the 14th and 15th centuries. It is so big that it is visible from the moon. Naturally, only the most glorious works can be found here – handmade ceramic tiles, lavish murals and 30,000 square metres of marble.

A stunning thalassotherapy pool takes centre stage at the 8000-square-metre spa. There are three divisions: for male, for female and for couples. So if your beauty fix while in Dubai won’t get you crying back home, then it would be a deliriously delicious experience to just beat the signs of aging – all glimmering and smeared in gold!

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