Essential Mission 2020

Posted on: 6th March 2017

Who we are

Imagine a network of people that exist to solve humanity’s most life-threatening problems, one at a time, starting with clean water for all. is exactly that, registered in Australia as a Charity with tax deductibility for donations and in partnership with UNICEF.

Why Water?

Extreme water poverty kills 1.5 million children every year (WHO). In addition to this human rights disaster, world population is increasing dramatically in the poorest regions, due to high infant mortality. The families that are experiencing this issue are having 6 to 7 children on average because more children mean higher security. The only way to stop the population to grow is to improve child survival to over 90% explains Prof Hans Rosling in his famous TED talk. Global warming, resource scarcity, pollution, and other population-related problems will continue to grow and is putting all of us at risk. We must act a lot faster than the current progress. Mission 2020 aims to end extreme water poverty by the year 2020.

Mission 2020 is an Essential Need for humanity.

How we do it


Through all effective channels, we raise social awareness and advance education on water poverty facts and gain the support of global citizens all saying ‘I want every child to have access to clean water by the year 2020.’ We make sure their voice is heard by petitioning their government to commit to Mission 2020.


In addition to petitioning, we raise funds through our members. 50% of the funds contribute to campaigning and the other 50% for instant relief in locations where the need is greatest for clean water.

What you can do

Our target for 2016 is to have 200,000 voices on-board. Essential Need is seeking assistance for Mission 2020 campaigning. Please visit to plan your support strategy.

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