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Posted on: 14th June 2013

Best Online Competition PrizeEntering competitions and prize draws – known as ‘comping’ – is a contagious activity that is letting online users revolutionize the way they view the world wide web. It does not only offer diversity in your everyday mundane responsibilities but also gives you plenty of opportunity to win unimaginable prizes. But do people really get on the winning trail in these online competitions?

What do people usually win?

First, there really are legitimate online competitions out there are more than willing to give away awesome prizes to participants. People actually win something – from small but valued prizes to big ones that will completely blow your mind off. Online contests offer their winners vouchers, pampering goodies, DVDs and CDs as well two weeks in St Lucia, a brand-new Mercedes and £10,000 cash!

How will I know when I have won a competition?

Your promoter will communicate with you either through email, telephone, or snail mail. It really depends on the promoter’s preference and what details you have given when you entered the comp. Expect to be contacted between one and four weeks after the closing date. There are times when you will receive a prize through the post without a prize winning letter. So it is good to have kept a record of the comps you have entered.

How many competitions should I enter on a regular basis so I can always win?

If you seriously want to win prizes, allot a time on your daily schedule so you can enter at least 30 competitions in a week. This will improve your chances of winning prizes regularly. The more competitions you enter, the more chances you have every day of being a winner.

How can I avoid the losing streak?

Every comper experiences a losing streak so it should not discourage you. Positive thinking and perservance are important qualities you should possess so you would get out of the ‘lean spell’. Successful compers never quit and quitters never become successful compers. The more you believe you are a lucky winner, the more likely you are to succeed – the power of positive thinking opens many opportunities.

Why do companies give away their best merchandise?

Three major reasons would be:

To promote their company or product, attract interest and get their name recognised as a leading brand
To lead you straight to their websites, hoping you will be a loyal customer for good
To collect data that helps them to understand their market (i.e. finding out what type of person reads their magazine, visits their website or buys their products).
Companies want to promote their brand and understand their market so organizing online competitions is a fantastic way to achieve their goals. For compers, entering competitions is the perfect way to enjoy winning prizes. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

How can I avoid being bombarded by junk mail, emails and phone calls?

It is only a natural instinct of promoters or third party from the competition to contact you again and again when you fill in your name on a competition form.

However looking for the ‘opt out of further correspondence’ clause can prevent this. This should appear in the form of a tick box on entry forms and web pages. On postcard or plain paper entries, you can write ‘No further correspondence’ or the relevant words if stated differently in the terms and conditions after your details.

If you subscribe to an email newsletter to enter a competition and no longer wish to receive it, simply follow the instructions to unsubscribe at the bottom of the page, they will always be there.

But look on the brighter side: you can find more competitions that other internet users won’t know of through the extra newsletters or mail you receive. The best thing to do is set up your own ‘competition email account’ purely for entering competitions.

This way your regular inbox doesn’t get jammed with competition news and free newsletters. Plus think how nice it will be to open up your comping account and see the words ‘winner’ in the subject line without wading through other emails!

How long do I have to wait before winning my first prize?

As what has already been pointed out, entering to at least 30 competitions a week is necessary to build a bank of entries and start winning on a regular basis. But it is normal to wait up to three to six months before you receive your first notice of winning. Afterwards, the prizes could start rolling in. So, patience is really a virtue in the comping world.

When people say they never win any prizes that is usually because they don’t enter very many competitions. It couldn’t be truer, that ‘You have got to be in it, to win it’.

Is it easier to win in online competitions compared to winning the National Lottery?

The odds of winning the National Lottery jackpot are 14 million to 1. The odds of winning a national competition are far better! They will obviously vary depending on how many people enter. Even popular newspapers, magazines, and online promotions can only have as little as 50 entries or as many as 5,000 entries – still much better chances compared to the National Lottery.

Comping services such as Simply Prizes, Coffee Break Winner and MyComps are excellent value- uncovering those obscure competitions with great prizes that you wouldn’t normally find!

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