Enjoying Your International Travel With Your Kids

Posted on: 5th July 2014

Kids TravelDon’t just settle for the Epcot’s World Showcase. If your summer vacation with the family feels like a ‘been there, done that’ experience, why not pack your bags and try on the real deal?

But before you express a resounding ‘NO’ out of fear of the possible stresses, planning, safety hazards, and terrible costs of having kids in tow during your international travel, just hear out these logical explanations.

Of course, it would take so much time and effort to choose accommodations and sightseeing spots that can offer you and your children the complete satisfaction of a particular holiday destination. But if you think about all the learning they can acquire while having fun and the fond memories you’ll all share for a lifetime because of that trip – then it would be worth packing up those bags.

Here are some great reasons why you should travel abroad with your family more often.

  1. It opens their eyes as to how the world works. In this modern 21st century, there is nothing that makes more sense than guiding our children to understanding how the world works. This is particularly advantageous for them in terms of honing their intellectual, emotional and social skills – all essential to being able to survive, adapt and thrive in this global economy.
  2. It widens their life view. The rise of technological advancements and the popularity of social media have become the bane and boon of this generation. Don’t allow your children to be completely wrapped up in their Facebook status or iPod shuffle or the latest video game in the market. There’s more to life than just ‘interacting’ with the virtual surroundings. Let them see other people, experience other culture, and be aware of what life has to offer in different parts of the world.
  3. It gives them a wide variety of options for entertainment, pleasure and joy. There are so many preconceived assumptions, notions, and opinions about people, races, culture and destinations that you can either prove or reject right away – if you get to experience a particular place up close and personal. This can be really exciting for your children and could turn out to be their biggest adventure yet.
  4. It allows them to experience ecosystems, traditions, cultures and communities before they change and/or disappear. One of the downsides of continuous globalization is that it forces people from all parts of the world to let go of their unique identity and strive to be more uniform, more homogenous like everyone else – for convenience or for comfort’s sake, to make it easier to live together or to do business. So if you take the chance to travel abroad with your children, you’re giving them the greatest privilege to see the diversity and complexity of human nature, civilization and society – which is so unlike to what they usually see or interact with.
  5. It makes you closer to each other. In a few years’ time, children would turn to adolescents and then they will fly away from the coop. It would be inevitable that you would have disagreements, differences and fights – and then grow apart. Having that family time during your international travel can make you seize the day and just enjoy the company of each other while it lasts – or until they still feel like it.

Sharing an adventure with your family during your travel abroad can do horrifying effects to your budget. But the lifetime memories you will gather during those few days (or weeks!) are surely not worth of any sum of money. So just take everything in a stride during your planning and the actual days itself – and that might be the right formula that would keep you bonded with each other for life.

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