Enjoying Your Bermuda Vacation to the Fullest

Posted on: 22nd July 2014

Bermuda VacationBermuda appears to be too far away from the United States but it’s a mere distance of 650 miles to the East. On this friendly chain of islands, you won’t easily miss your home. Look out for some enjoyment and delight around. You will no more be a stranger and will get familiar to the surroundings.

Pink Sand

Bermuda is famous for its pretty pink sandy beaches which gives a very romantic touch to the surroundings. The sand looks like if it has been dyed with paints. The locals say that this is because it’s so romantic here whereas the scientists have their own view. According to the scientists, when calcium carbonate and  small pieces of crushed coral combines with the broken bones of Foraminifera, which are minute crimson organisms that flourish on the nearby reefs, that gives the  rosy hue to the sand. What so ever the reason be, this is a fact that this sand is the trademark of Bermuda.

Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay are located at the south shore where the pink-o-meter hits highest.  Warwick Long Bay is longest expanse of sand of Bermuda whereas other small private beaches are not difficult to find.

Bermuda may only cover 21 square mi, yet the islands it includes have a combined 75 mi of beach, so wherever you stay the beach is never more than a mile away.

The Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are the most famous and identifiable symbol of this island and serve well in taking over the evil Bermuda triangle. These Bermuda shorts are actually a part of the uniform of armed forces and a matter of pride for the citizens. Visitors find them very interesting. The Bermuda shorts are differentiated by the fabric and the style of stitching. They are made of linen or wool mixed together, and they are about two inches above the knee whereas in other places, any knee length casual shorts are regarded as Bermuda shorts.

Businessmen wear the Bermuda shorts with knee length socks and a casual coat. This is considered to be smartest and trendy clothing. If you want to go with the latest trend, go and get yourself a nice Bermuda. You can buy at any traditional retailer like the English Sports Shop on Front Street in Hamilton where the Bermuda shorts start at $50.

A Perfect Match

In August, there is a two day annual cricket match between the West End and the East End. These matches are played on Thursday and Friday that come before the first Monday of the month. This event is taken very seriously by the natives and the Bermuda takes a two day holiday so that the residents can enjoy the Cup Match. The preparations for the cup match start weeks before. The supporters start supporting their teams. While the players focus on their game and try to beat the other team, the spectators have fun, enjoy delicious foods and along with lively, exciting and loud music that adds more spice to the atmosphere.

In 19th century, the British sailors introduced a new game here, Crown & Anchor. This is basically a gambling game. In the Cup Match, the Bermudian government even loosen up their laws so that the natives can indulge in this betting game.

The Beat of a Different Drum

Bermuda, being a very popular tourist site has adopted music from various parts of the world to make its own melange mix. This local music is a melodious mixture of the British and African traditions. At least once a month, the exciting and fun filled sunset ceremony takes place on the island. Every time the venue keeps on changing. This has been practiced since 1700s by the militants. While performing, when it’s the Gombey troupes turn, the Red coats and pith helmets are replaced by peacock-colour capes and mile-high headdresses. The mesmerizing dancers and the rhythmic beat of the drummers recall the old times of slavery. They suddenly came up in the months of November through March. These fabulous dancers can be seen in the skits and performances that take place on the Hamilton’s Passenger terminal number 6 on Tuesday afternoons. While in the other months, they can be seen performing in the city's Harbour Nights festivities on Wednesdays.

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