Easiest Ways To Win Free Stuff

Posted on: 4th June 2013

Get free stuff online. It is that simple. While most of us might not be hard-core sweepers, it is still easy to win something just by sitting in front of your computer exerting little effort. Learn where to get free stuff for your family, birthday freebies, free gifts from companies and other great offers that don’t involve any money. The trick in successfully doing this is by knowing where to look for reliable deals and money promotions and how to avoid hidden strings and online scams.

The landscape of prize promotions has seen drastic change over the past years. You don’t have to look that far because you can find them via blogs. Yes. Blogs. If you want to get a piece or the whole prize pie, follow these tips.

  • Go the old-fashioned way. Although a little time consuming and not for the impatient, you can just just type terms like ‘giveaway’, ‘contest’, ‘offer’ on Google to find free stuff. Be sure to plug in specific prize descriptors to help you find a particular freebie or at least, narrow down the results, as there are thousands at a time. There are no guarantees that your results will net only active giveaways, but it is a start.
  • Visit sweepstakes sites. Believe it or not, you can double your chances of getting free stuff and even cash prizes simply by entering in prize drawings or money promotions in sweepstakes sites. This is because there are a smaller number of entrants than in a national prize promotion. The odds are just better. You can check out sites like OS and SweepsAdvantage where they have updated their systems to accommodate the requirements for blog entries. So go ahead and if you like what they have to offer, they are a great way to stay organized with your entries.
  • Go over blog giveaway directories. If you want to concentrate on free stuff given on blogs, Prizey.net and Blog Giveaway Directory are great sites to start with because they both selectively choose which giveaways to list.
  • Stay on top of blog-link roundups. You can also increase your chances of winning free stuff by making sure you are updated on link roundups from blogs. It really pays to visit a handful of your favourites because bloggers tend to promote other bloggers’ giveaways in their own sites. You can rely on sites like Deal Seeking Mom’s Giveaway Gathering and A Nut in a Nutshell’s Giveaway Parade to do exactly this.
  •  Be a loyal blog follower. Be an avid email or RSS feed subscriber and you will be rewarded for your loyalty. Always check your emails and update your subscriptions so you can ensure that you’re eligible for these “subscriber-only” promotions. While you can’t closely follow every blog that gives free stuff away, by staying true to a handful, you can increase your odds of jumping on promotions while they are hot and the odds are in your favour.
  • Follow on Twitter. Just do a search for #giveaway at any time of day, and see hundreds of Tweets promoting prizes from bloggers and brands. Beware of the clutter but it can be an effective way to find and enter blog giveaways that are closing soon or that are looking for last-minute entries for a poorly attended promotion.

Like any other method of winning, persistence and patience are essential to get free stuff. Of course, you want to make it as easy as possible; otherwise, it cannot actually be deemed “free”. But if you have eye on the prize, there is no harm using these simple techniques without exerting too much effort and spending a dime even so.

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