Earn Money by Joining Australian Online Competitions

Posted on: 23rd June 2014

Joining Australian Online CompetitionsThere is nothing much that can compare to the feeling of getting something you desire for free. As the online competition industry has grown in Australia, it is bringing about a group of people that can be described as avid enthusiasts, with some even calling themselves as hardcore; they are known as ‘comping’ professionals. They are the people that regularly enter online competitions. Some join because they want the prize. Some are interested in the competition itself. Like pet lovers, they usually join competitions that have everything to do with pets. For others, they take it to the next level and it becomes a way of life. They constantly join as many as they can with the idea that they are increasing their chances of winning something if they join as many competitions as they can.

There is a wide range of competition; there are literally thousands that are available that anyone can choose from and it can cater to all kinds of people with different backgrounds and interests. Plus the quality and value of prizes that can be won are so attractive and interesting that even some ordinary online users cannot help but join and try to experience the allure of trying one’s luck. Then he is hooked! Yes there are all sorts of cool stuff, gadgets, cars, holiday vacations, even cash and other wonderful things just given away by companies that are very willing to promote themselves or their latest products with just a touch of a button.

More tips:

Know where and what to look for.

Like what was mentioned earlier, there are literally thousands of online competitions available in Australia that you can always try to join. One of best ways to increase your chances is to stick with what you know, your hobby or something that is related to your field.  If you are a writer, join writing competitions. If you love photography, join photo contests, and so on.

Read the rules.

Always take time to read and scrutinize everything, especially the rules and guidelines, read the fine prints.  Some winning entries are set aside for failing to complete the requirements. This happens simply because entrants did not read, understand and follow the rules.

Make sure that it is a legitimate competition and that it is worth your time and effort. Do not give away personal and financial details.

Be discriminating.

Although some contests that give away important and valuable prizes ask for some requirements, it is wise to always be on the lookout for other motives. Some ask for part payment of the prize, some for purchases or membership or whatever.  Pay attention to the terms and conditions so you can have the idea of what they really want and, if you are willing to go on, at least you won’t be surprised.

Learn and understand.

If you are just starting with comping, try to start with the free competitions first, gain some experience and try winning some prizes. Learning and understanding what to do and what is needed to win, before joining games that usually requires time and some amount to invest helps you prevent the unnecessary loss of money.

Wanting and winning

There are many competitions out there to choose from. Wanting and then winning the latest gadgets or a dream holiday or cash that helps pay some of the bills are great. But, being not too discriminating can also be a good thing. It is unwise to be limited by only the items you would like to win. There are times opportunity can present itself, when there are some competitions that you feel you can win and the only thing that is stopping you is your lack of interest towards the prize. Always remember everything has a price, go for it. You might miss an opportunity to turn something into cash or miss a chance to cheer someone close to you with a gift.

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