Does Winning a Lottery Have The Power To Change Your Life?

Posted on: 13th March 2014

Most people want money to feel secure. You want a house, a good car, ability to put your children through college, pay for their marriage, help them buy a house and so on. The younger lot dream of buying lots and lots of designer stuff, travelling, partying and so on. Most people think that winning a super lottery will change their life forever. But does it?

  1. Old Habits Die Hard – if you love shopping, partying, spending chances are that you will go through the money like a breeze and nothing changes. On the other hand, if you are disciplined with your finances chances are that you would not allow yourself too many changes other than perhaps a new home and few must-haves along with it. Old habits do die hard.
  1. Not Working Is Not Always A Good Thing – won a lottery! Whooopy! The first reaction for some is to fire the boss. This is not a good idea according to many winners who did the same. No, it is not because you might see your money finish one day; it is because you might not be able to handle “all that time in the world and nothing to do really” after a while.

Do leave your job if you have a hobby you plan to do, or you want to set up a business of your own. But if you plan to veg around and have nothing really planned to do with your life in the future, do not leave your job.

  1. Pay Attention To Relationships – your enhanced net worth will make it difficult for you to make new friends without worrying whether ‘am I suddenly so popular or does my money speak”. You cannot do much on that front. However, you can and should be careful that you do not lose the love and respect of your old friends and close relatives.
  • Do not throw money around; most people will feel offended.
  • Do not suddenly buy expensive gifts; most people cannot return your gesture and hence, will distance themselves from you.
  • Do not offer to “help” friends unless you have practiced the offer with extreme finesse; friends may end feeling inadequate.
  • Do not throw parties, shop, move in circles beyond your friends’ reach and have them invited; you will make them feel small.
  • Do not spoil your children with too much money; you will end destroying their lives.

You will find that winning a lottery does not really change the real you; but it might change the way you look at life, relationships and future. If you are a little careful, winning a lottery will remain the most wonderful thing that happened to you; if not, it could become the worst.

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