DIY: Creating Your Own Custom Designer Bags

Posted on: 23rd August 2013

DIY Custom Designer BagsTips on Creating the Perfect DIY Bags

If you have been bit by the DIY fashion craze, then you will probably love the chance to design and make your own handbag. The first thing you will need to do is pull inspiration from you favorite designer bags. Do you love the classically chic quilted Chanel Bag? Or, do you prefer a more utilitarian look that the Mulberry Alexa offers? You should sketch out designs until you have created the perfect silhouette for your new bag. Then, it will be necessary to choose the hardware and fabric once you have decided on your final design. However, it is important that you keep the construction of your bag in mind. Do you have special needles to sew leather or a high powered sewing machine? If not, try sticking to s simple shape, style, size and material for the best results. There are many designer handbags that will be easy to replicate within these parameters.

The Do It Yourself Designer Bag: Putting it All Together

One of the easiest handbags to create will be a clutch. You can make it from cheap plastic vinyl, old jewelry boxes, or even luxurious brocade fabric. Use your imagination when it comes to deciding how to construct your new purse. Sometimes the most unexpected items can make great bags. For example, a wooden cigar box could easily be fashioned into a vintage looking clutch. You could paint or cover it with sumptuous fabric. Invest in high quality materials because it will make even the most mundane designs stand out. Plus, everyone will wonder where you bought such a gorgeous piece. Nobody will believe you once you exclaim that it is your own design!

Of course, there are many other designs you can create like a hobo bag or a drawstring pouch. Just think of your ideal purse. Where will you wear it? What is its purpose? Does it represent my style? If you can clearly identify these questions, then your work and design will be more than enough to justify its creation. Fashion is unique to every person, and your purse should be inspired by your own unique take on current trends. As long as you are willing to put in the effort and investment, then there is no reason your new bag cannot look as amazing as a designer bag purchased in a store.

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