Different Types of Online Competitions for Your Site

Posted on: 4th July 2014

Online Competitions TypesThere are different kinds of online promotions or competitions. Basically there are two types -those that deal with participant’s skills and those that deal with luck. Here are some descriptions and meanings of the kinds of competitions available out there that can help promoters and marketers decide which kind to use that is appropriate and that can be fun for a particular company, sponsor or promotional campaign. And at the same time for participants to know what kind of competitions they are about to enter.  Knowing and understanding what competitions exactly are about can help participants prepare their strategy and avoid confusion.


Contests are usually a test for particular skills that show their best work based on creative talents, knowledge and technical prowess.  Some examples are photo and art contest, cooking recipe contest and the different kinds of writing contest like comedy, poem and short story. Judges will decide who will be the winner based on the different criteria provided by the contest organizers and the different guidelines those participants must understand and follow to avoid disqualifications.

Skill Games

Another example of contests of skills, but instead of submitting contest entries, participants are required to play certain games or perform certain tasks that challenge their skill of memory, their hand-eye coordination and other skills. The fastest participant or has the highest score get to win the contest. Some promoters even design their own games to make it fun for contestants.


This is a kind of competition that is totally based on luck, where the winner is randomly chosen from all the entries that qualified.

Timed Giveaways

An example of a game of luck where the participants will have to perform a particular task or answer a question within a certain amount of time, let us say from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, and the first 25 people that get the right answer will get a prize.

Instant Win Games (IWG)

They are about the same as timed giveaways but they usually take much longer and the winning time is not announced, and only one wins within a period. But it provides several draws that are pre-programmed by software that randomly picks an entry closest to the time, as the winner.

Some promoters and marketers usually create their own combinations of competitions to make it more fun and appealing to competitors. In Contest skills or Skill Games there is only one winner, but if you combine either one with Instant Win Games, where more prizes can be given away and randomly chosen, all participants will have an equal opportunity to take home some prize. Another example could be Sweepstakes and Timed Giveaways combined, plus Instant Win Games where the first 25 participants will get some prize and other prizes are drawn randomly at the same time, while the grand prize will be drawn later.

Each competition have different sets of rules and this is why promoters are reminded to provide a clear set of rules, terms, conditions and requirements that are easy to read and understand, and an easy step by step instruction for the participants from the start to finish. Participants should  always be reminded to clearly read, understand the rules, requirements, the terms and conditions of each competition to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

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