Difference between Aftershave and Cologne

Posted on: 13th February 2014

The difference between aftershave and cologne is much more than just the name. In most cases, men use it interchangeably – but these are two very different things.

  1. The Aftershave Is The Cheapest Among The Range Of Any Perfume – this is the cheapest among the whole range of perfumes, and most people without knowing why it is so, happily buy it thinking they got the best bargain. However, the lower cost in comparison to the same brand’s cologne, EDT or Eau de Parfum is because of the percentage of essential oil in its composition. The aftershave has the least percent of essential oils -  consisting of about 1-3% - which is why the smell would not last as long as the other versions. The alcohol content is higher because it is designed for the use after the man shaves. Too much oil and the face would have the burning feeling for longer time, making it uncomfortable for the man who uses it.
  2. The Aftershave Fragrance Lasts The Least – owing to the low amount of essential oil it contains, the aftershave normally would not last longer than 2-3 hours. Men who know about the difference between the aftershave and cologne do not count on the aftershave for enjoying the fragrance the whole day long. They use the aftershave as required – after they shave – and then they use a cologne or EDT or perfume on the body to enjoy a lingering smell of the favorite fragrance throughout the day.
  3.  The Cologne Costs More For A Valid Reason – the cologne contains essential oils in the 2-5% consistency. This a little more than the aftershave, which is made with 1-3% essential oils. This is another reason why some men feel that it is okay to interchange the two. The difference in percentage of the essential oil is just 1-2%, for  which they think it is okay to use them interchangeably.
  4. Aftershaves Will More Often Than Not Contain A Soothing Component – the aftershave is used on seemingly irritated skin, and hence will more often than not contain a soothing (and antiseptic) ingredient such as aloe vera to ensure that the burning feeling is less while it makes the skin smooth at the same time as lending it the favorite fragrance.

Colognes do not need any extra ingredient and hence, they do not have it. This is why splashing cologne on the face immediately after you finished shaving is not a very good idea as it cause a burning sensation.

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