Debunking Traditional Notions of Saving Money While Travelling

Posted on: 24th November 2013

Saving Money While Travelling

There are many ways that other travellers tell us we can save money on the trip but in reality, they only add up to the expense and waste our valuable time and effort meant to enjoy the sceneries and the overall experience on that dream destination. We’re going to prove that those supposedly money-saving travel moves actually cost more than what we hope for.


  1. Avoiding check-in bags. You think you can save up some cash when you travel with hand luggage only. But when you think about the laundry fee you’re going to cough up every few days and not to mention, buying basic clothing at thrice the price from your local department store back home – then it’s not worth it.
  2. Choosing a cheap accommodation. You’d think it won’t bother you to share a dorm or the bathing facilities with other guests but as soon as you decide that you cannot relax or feel comfortable in such an environment, you end up spending the night in a pub or someplace else where you also have to pay for something – like booze or entrance fee.
  3. Foregoing bus or train travel. You want to arrive faster to the next destination so you you’d rather take on a cheaper flight. But the time you have to go to and from the airport may be something you have not taken into consideration.
  4. Taking an overnight flight, train, or bus. You might have saved yourself a night’s worth of accommodation but actually, you’re also depriving yourself a well-deserved night’s rest. When you arrive at your next destination, you would feel exhausted and cranky that you’d rather turn yourself into bed than be involved in the happenings around the place.
  5. When travelling to countries with a rich heritage and ancient history, you couldn’t help yourself but buy from shopkeepers and dealers who offer good prices on the merchandise. But the thing is, you’d probably have no chance of getting it back home if the government’s historian department finds out about it. You end up wasting your money after all. Let your tour guide recommend you to a licensed antiquities dealer instead and get your money’s worth on that significant historical piece.

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