DealsDirect Voucher from ROKT for Winner Lola Cronin in WA

Posted on: 2nd January 2015

DealsDirect & TopBuy $500 Giveaway by ROKT

  • Open date: 30/04/2014 15:01
  • Close date: 31/07/2014 15:00
  • Draw date: 01/08/2014 11:00
  • 1st Prize: Lola Cronin in WA


Congratulations to Lola Cronin from WA who has won a $500 Deals Direct voucher!

DealsDirect VoucherThe deal is made sweeter when you get your deal for free, and that’s exactly how Lola Cronin in WA felt when she heard she won the DealsDirect & TopBuy $500 Giveaway by ROKT drawn August 1, 2014.

For using ROKT’s services, our winner gets to enjoy a DealsDirect voucher which gives her access to more deals with, Australia’s favourite discount online department store. Lola gets to choose how to spend her voucher from among DealsDirect offers of over 8,000 great value products spanning across 22 categories including electronics, toys, home bedding, electrical appliances, home wares, home furniture, floor rugs, and wine among others. Our winner can actually get something for her entire family!


Lola has ROKT to thank for this online shopping experience. ROKT recommended products and services that matched Lola’s needs and preferences from among large and small publishers across online and mobile channels, enabling her to choose the brands to invite to her life. And now she is not only an empowered shopper but a winning shopper as well.


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