DealGuru Giveaway Great Deals for Irene Lin

Posted on: 26th December 2014 $500 Giveaway by DEALGURU Holdings Pte Ltd. (

  • Open date: 19/05/2014 09:00
  • Close date: 31/07/2014 15:00
  • Draw date: 01/08/2014 11:00
  • 1st Prize: Irene Lin in East

Congratulations to Irene Lin who has won back the value of her order!

DEALGURU GiveawayIf you’re from Singapore or you are thinking of heading towards that lovely country and you will be spending some time there, we can still provide you with very interesting and attractive competitions with our partners that offer fascinating and wonderful giveaways.

Like Irene Lin who won last 01/08/2014 the 1st prize of $500 Giveaway by DEALGURU Holdings Pte Ltd which opened 19/05/2014 and closed on 31/07/2014.  She actually won back the value of her order and she can now enjoy more of the great deals for dining, travel, beauty and other products and services from

When our winner joined she did not realize that she will be getting not only the means to take advantage of all the great deals, from half price to 80% discounts but also win back the value of what she spent. Now, isn’t that a wonderful deal!

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