Dave and Angela Dawes win $101 Million in the EuroMillions Lottery

Posted on: 31st August 2013

In October, 2011, Dave and his fiance Angela won $101 million in the EuroMillions lottery. The couple had only played two times prior to their big win, giving new meaning to the phrase, "the third time's a charm.

"Since their big win, Dave announced that he would be retiring from his job as a Supervisor at Premier Foods, in a press conference, shortly after winning. Angela, who was a volunteer at the British Heart Foundation, decided to step down from her position as well.

Dave and Angela Dawes Lottery WinnersThe winners planned on buying a home in Portugal, near Angela's parents and made plans to marry in one year. Angela joked that, although Dave had already bought her an engagement ring, he could now afford to buy her a nicer one. Once they decided to marry, Angela also took on Dave's last name.

The couple didn't only spend the money on themselves. In an attempt to help out others, who had previously helped them, they have shown a lot of generosity. The lottery winners gave one of their friends $1 Million. He was a single father struggling to support his three kids on the salary he earned working with Mr. Dawes at Premier Foods. On top of that, the couple made a list of nineteen other friends and family members, who they also plan on giving $1 Million each. Charities have also enjoyed the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Dawes, as they have received large donations, as well.

The $101 Million won by the Dawes' was the third largest in the EuroMillions lottery history. The winners of the largest, netted $161 million and the second largest win was $113 Million.

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