Dancing Competitions

Posted on: 22nd March 2013

Dance CompetitionsIf you are a multi talented person and you are seeking ways to express your talents you can do this by entering competitions. There are many competitions that can be found some of which include facebook and writing. If you are looking for a way to showcase your physical talents such as dancing then here are some tips that will allow you to walk away with the top prize.

Psychological preparations is one of the first things that an entrant has to do before they enter a dance competition. Mental preparation is by far more important than being physically prepared. you will need to ensure that your psychological makeup is at its peak if you are to perform at your best. Physiological exercises include positive reaffirmation and meditation.

With all competitions you need to possess the right levels of enthusiasm before you enter a competition. Enthusiasm allows you to constantly keep track of all the competitions that you have entered. Dancing competitions require a high level of enthusiasm. Dancers are expected to leave all their woes behind and focus on the competition alone. They are expected to show a high level of delight. Judges are able to see in your expression if your emotions are positive or negative you will need to prepare in advance for your dance competition.

When you enter a competition the way you dress can decide the outcome of the contest. Always choose something that is eye catching and colourful. Research has shown that as much as half of the judges decision will be based off of the way that you dress. Spend some time trying on different outfits at least a week in advance before settling on the final item for the competition. your level of energy is also extremely important. Spend time planning your meals to ensure that you have maximum energy for the event.  Always choose foods that are nutritious and rich in energy this will ensure that you look your best and is able to perform at you best.

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