Cutting Down on Costs While Travelling in Denmark

Posted on: 31st July 2014

Denmark VacationAlthough quite expensive, Denmark is less pricey in many ways as compared to the rest of the Scandinavian countries. To learn about how to cut down on costs while travelling in Denmark, read on.

Air Fare

You can save some money if you use the SAS Visit Scandinavia/Europe Air Pass. These passes are valid for travel destinations within Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. They are also valid for flights back from Scandinavia to certain countries in Europe. How much money it will help you save depends on destination and routing. These passes can only be purchased by non-Europeans; they can be used for a maximum of 60 days anytime of the year; and must be bought in combination with transatlantic flights.

Land Transportation

Eurail Scandinavia and Eurail Denmark passes are very useful in getting concession on ferries, select museums, and private train lines. You can purchase Eurail passes on the internet before leaving for your trip, provided you are a non-European. The Eurail Denmark Pass can be availed for three ($99) or seven ($149) days of travelling within 4 weeks. The Eurail Scandinavia Pass can be availed for four ($369) to ten ($569) days of travelling within three months. The prices mentioned are for travel in the second-class.


Enquire about your travelling agency about discounts and deals, including summer packages for Scandic and Best Western. Most of the Scandinavian countries offer summer deals for foreigners; the winter deals can be even better. So the key to getting the best deal is to keep yourself well-informed.

To cut down on costs, try to book a hotel that offers discount on the weekend rates, and breakfast in the package. Although making reservations two months before your travel is wise, last-minute booking can surprise you with huge benefits, such as saving up to 50%!

Accommodations ranging from country cottages to luxurious hotels offer prepaid vouchers, or Hotel and Inn Cheques in the Scandinavian counties. These vouchers can be purchased online from ProSkandinavia, or Danske Kroer & Hoteller. You can also purchase them from travel agents. These vouchers are available in packets or individually, and can benefit you with almost 50% savings. Usually, breakfast is included in these vouchers. When making reservations, you have to inform your host that you will be using your voucher to pay for breakfast, so as to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

Eating on a budget

Usually, breakfasts are included in your hotel package. However, if you choose to eat out, you can always pick from one of the lovely bakeries offering delicious pastries and Wienerbrod. Try to go to a bakery that is away from the main tourist areas as they tend to be cheaper. If you want an even cheaper option, buy bread, butter, and jam from a grocery store and you can have a nice quick breakfast for a very low price. If you fancy McDonald’s breakfast, visit its franchise in the train stations of Aarhus and Copenhagen, as only those are open in the morning.

For lunch, you can choose a smorrebrod, which comes in different flavours. It is a real Danish treat and is also cheaper than other options. Visit a restaurant or a kro where you can get a smorrebrod and a beer for a reasonable price. Smorrebrod is cheapest at bakeries and local sandwich shops; so, do your research, and find out about all the good cheap stuff. A useful tip: try to eat your sandwich with a knife and fork instead of using your hands. If you are in the mood for Chinese, try out one of the Chinese restaurants by the name of Sam’s Bar or China Box; these places offer takeaway only, so you can get your lunch box, and go somewhere nice to enjoy your meal.

Normally, dinner is the most expensive meal, but if you plan carefully, you will be able to eat out on a budget. There is a very nice Mediterranean restaurant in the student quarter by the name of Riz Raz.; it offers delicious food, and has a lunch (79 kroner), and dinner (99 kroner) buffet as well. The buffet is probably your best bargain as it offers you enough variety to have your head spinning. If a restaurant does not suit your mood, then try to look for a burger bar, which is built into a vehicle, such as a cable car. Although charging the same rate as McDonald’s, its burgers are far more tasty and fulfilling.

The restaurants around IKEA have a marketing strategy whereby they lower their prices to attract more customers to their stores. Naturally, after roaming around in an IKEA shop for hours looking for the perfect thing, one would get hungry, and so the restaurants are there to serve you with the cheapest meals you can get. So, while you are travelling in Denmark, try to go to a restaurant that is near IKEA. There are usually two options; you can either go to a restaurant, and have a variety of meals, drinks, and desserts to choose from; or, you can go to a cafeteria offering fast food items, such as pizza slices and hot dogs. Take your pick!

The key to cutting down eating out costs is to take the path that is less travelled by tourists.


If you are a tourist, it is only natural for you to go sightseeing, as that is the major component of your travel. Learn how to cut down on sightseeing costs. The key is to get as much information as you can. Some museums offer free entry on Wednesday, so check out all the attractions that you want to see, and then get information on them.

Another thing you must do is get a Copenhagen Card (if you intend to visit many places). With the card, you can get free entry to most museums and a discount on the tickets of others; free transportation on trains, metro, and buses; and a discount on your meals at the local restaurants. To further cut down on costs, try to explore on foot instead of using public transportation; not only will it be a fun experience, but you will get physical exercise as well as save up a lot of money. Tip: wear good shoes as they have got cobblestones there!

A fun secret!

If you want to make a little money on your trip, here is a very good way for you to do so. Most people throw away their drink bottles. If you can get your hands on a few of these, you can return them to the store, and get paid 1 to 3 kroner for each bottle. Have fun!

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