Cooking Competition – 5 Tips To Ensure You Win Them All

Posted on: 19th June 2014

Cooking CompetitionThere are so many wonderful cooks out there who are too shy to enter recipe contests because they feel they are not good enough or professional enough for it. The first thing that you should know is that ANYONE who can cook a tasty recipe is a winner.

If you have a talent to make people crave for more when you are cooking you should not think twice before entering a cooking competition. More often than not, you will end up winning and very proud. Here are a few tips that will help you:

  1. Read And Understand The Rules – don’t just perfunctorily read the rules. Read everything carefully, understand what it is said there, clarify your doubts if you have any – BEFORE you enter the competition. It is always awful to win and then be disqualified because you missed out some prerequisite mentioned in the rules.
  1. Stay Within The Category – if the competition is about Easter cooking, stay within that perimeter. Do not enter with your favorite recipe – which does come under this category – just because it is mind blowing delicious and you know how to do it best. It is vital that you stay within the category mentioned.
  1. Simplify It To The Minimum – while there are some contests which look ONLY at the outcome and hence, you could use your most elaborate recipes passed through generations, most contests look for simple, easy to replicate recipes that create masterpieces.

Anything that is cooked within 30 minutes or less is a good choice. Choose a recipe that has few ingredients, requires less time to cook, yet comes out as a mouth watering dish. This is what people want and this is why contests award the prize to these type of recipes.

  1. Use Local Ingredients – you may be having a superb recipe but if the people have not heard of the ingredients, it may not be likely to win. Unless it is meant to be an exotic, out-of-the-way dish. Using local ingredients will increase the appeal of the recipe to a larger mass of people and that is what contests are all about – to popularize something by attracting the attention of more people.
  1. Present It Like A Masterpiece – the presentation is often as important as the taste. When you place it on the plate, make it look as appetizing as possible. Play with color, complementary foods, sauce – it should make you want to reach out and taste it.

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