Concert Photography

Posted on: 7th October 2013

Concert PhotographyLighting is one of the things you don’t usually have to worry about when taking photos at a concert since there are many lighting equipment around. It is great news since you using a flash won’t be effective in taking pictures at concert scenes. Plus, you should also make sure that organizers would allow you to take pictures while the event is going on.

The type of lighting is the key

Before you set out your concert photo session, you need to determine the type of lighting that is going to be used in the event. You can also take some test shots before the show starts. Check your camera sensitivity settings (ISO) as well as the white balance setting. You also need to find out how your camera will respond accordingly in the light.

For most shots, it would require your camera to be centre-weighted or matrix metered. Spot metering mode is used if you are going to take pictures of a particular subject that has a spotlight on it. Lock exposure first and then focus on or near the brightest area of the subject if you are using the spot metering mode. Recompose before you hit the click button.

Camera sensitivity

A higher ISO number, such as 200 or 400 is necessary to increase the sensitivity of the camera. The bad news is you risk photo detail and clarity because there is increase in photo noise. Fortunately, it can often be reduced with noise reduction software.

Zoom in close to the subject if you are far from the stage. Steady yourself when using long focal lengths so you can avoid getting blurred photos. The same thing applies when using slow shutter speeds. If unavoidable, use a camera support. To lock focus, the shutter button must be pressed down in two steps. You can also emphasize exposure if you do this.

Vary shooting angles

Vary the shooting angle so you can get interesting and dynamic photos. Zoom in on just part of a subject such as a hand strumming a guitar for additional interest.

Before the show begins, take some test photos so if your camera settings need to be adjusted, you won’t do so in a hurry. You might even get some great shots if you take several shots of the same scene during the show.

Use the highest possible resolution and quality during your concert photo session. It is the same rule you have to abide to for whatever special event you are taking pictures of. If you do this, you won’t have any problem if you want to crop photos. When shooting in low or unusual light, always try to keep the camera steady to get a clear and crisp shot.

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