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Posted on: 5th February 2013

Competition TipsLaunching a successful competition requires careful planning, clever marketing, and lots of organization. Businesses that use competitions as a way of interacting with their customers stand a greater chance of developing customer loyalty.  Interacting through social media gives them valuable insight into the buying trends of their audience.


If you are new to running a competition, one of the very first things you must understand is how to make your competition a success; that is, how to make it bring you the attention that you need.


Transparency is key if you are running a competition. People will want to know as much about the competition as possible before entering. Terms and conditions should be easy to access, with no barriers to keep out the general public. Details of dates, prize value, prizes being offered, draw location, and date of draw should also be included.


Don’t ask for personal information. Most people are turned off by the idea of giving out their details; for example income, actual age and cell numbers. Don’t ask for these unless completely required.


Bear in mind the legal requirements. If you are running a competition that has a prize draw element, some areas of Australia will require you to purchase a permit.


The simpler the competition, the more people will enter. One of the best ways to increase the number of entrants is to offer the competition online. You can ask customers to make a purchase first; but to avoid bad feeling you should limit this to one.


Ask questions that are on topic; avoid asking difficult questions. Most importantly you should ask questions that provoke honest feedback.


Your prize should be something that people actually want. You can offer products that you sell, however to be a real hit offer prizes that people love to entice entrants.


As simple as this sounds, many companies make this mistake: before you announce the competition make sure the link works.


Keep in touch with your winners. Never leave them hanging after they have won a prize. The sooner they have the prizes in hand the better your publicity.


Never alter the rules of the competition unless it benefits those who are entering. It’s best never to extend a competition for two more weeks; despite being legal, it’s not fair to those who have entered.


Send emails cautiously. After you have created your database you may be tempted to send emails on a daily basis. The problem with this is, even though you may think this is good marketing, others will think of it as spam.

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