Competitions Can Be Fun For Babies

Posted on: 28th July 2014

Babies CompetitionsSchool competitions are fun when we watch children participate in them for their personality development.

  1. Understand the mood of the show and character:  Children participate for fancy dress competitions enacting characters and famous personalities. They also have several dance, singing and drama competitions to look-up to. The theme of the show should be analysed properly before dressing-up. Timings of the show matter a lot for colours we choose.
  2. Oratory skills: Speeches and dialogue delivery and recitation practices should be inculcated well in children before the show to develop oratory skills to suit the dressing chosen for the baby.
  3. Designer and colourful accessories: Look for designer hair clips, hair bands and wrist-bands and various other accessories to make the baby look cute. Dawn a new hairstyle with such decorative pieces. Expensive may not always be appropriate other than the quality, so one needs to explore such things at remote places too. Wooden art work for the competitions can be bought from the Cottage Emporium and other art stores.
  4. Avoid unnecessary cosmetics: Excessive make-up and cosmetics should be avoided on baby’s skin as it is very delicate and these can be fatal for the same. Organic colours may be tried or along with a layer of cold cream to avoid rashes. Fluffy and colourful dresses, diapers should be well thought keeping the mood of the show and character to be played in mind.
  5. Using household left-over for the props: Hat, bonnets and tiaras should be chosen carefully with respect to a boy or a girl if they play western aristocracy. Bridal dresses and lehengas for children for different cultures and religions. Use household wastes and decorative materials and cloths such as gota from the sweet and gift boxes or cartons that we get during festivals and netted stitching, stockings for making decorative attachments for the dresses children wear. Flowers should be used by dancers and singers while performing on the stage. Frilled dhotis with nagaras and gujarati designed kurtas make the best dressing for male children for festivals and competitions. Glitters, glazed papers should be used for props.


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