Common Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Facebook Competition

Posted on: 8th May 2013

Back in May 2011, Facebook revised their contest rules.  Despite the changes happening almost two years ago, there are still many marketers who are unaware of the updates: and there is some confusion around how to launch a successful Facebook competition without feeling the wrath of Mark Zuckerberg.


Never use the ‘like’ button as a voting button


This rule has been made pretty clear by Facebook. Here it is in their revised T&C’s: “mechanisms found on Facebook as well as its features should not be used for promotions, registrations or entry mechanisms”.  So unfortunately, liking a page or checking into a place cannot automatically enter someone into your competition.


Failure to use a third party app for administering your competition


This is rule number one for running a Facebook competition. It states that competitions and promotions on Facebook must be administered using ‘apps‘. This can be accessed on a canvas page or through an app on the page tab. Setting up a competition using a third party app is quite simple, and you can find plenty at a reasonable price.


Running a competition that is not related to your line of business.


Why are you running a competition? Do you want to attract regular customers, or do you want to attract people who enter hundreds of competitions each day?  If you’re trying to attract potential customers,  make the prize a $500 gift card for your product or service instead of giving away a Visa gift card which can be used anywhere.


Making the entry for your competition extremely complex


If it’s too complicated to enter your competition, people will not enter. When you make things simple, people will enter. Even your most loyal customers will be put off if they have to follow ten steps to enter your competition.


Facebook CompetitionNot promoting your competition


Even if you get everything else right, nobody will enter your competition if you don’t promote it. Using social media means getting the information out to prospective customers to encourage them to enter your competition. Ask those that have entered to share the information so that others see it and want to enter, too. It’s worth mentioning the competition on your Facebook page several weeks before the actual launch to get people interested.

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