Clever Tips for Winter Photography (Part 4)

Posted on: 27th December 2013

If you can brave the cold dark of winter night on the streets, you are in for a lot of surprises for your winter photography portfolio. Here are awesome ideas to make the most out of it.

  1. Incorporate abstract elements.

Sometimes, the most compelling images you can get on the streets on a cold winter night do not involve your potential subject literally. Rather, the lines, shapes and textures surrounding it can offer a far more interesting composition. The more you leave out, the better shots you can get. Long exposure is essential so use an ND filter.

  1. Make a vignette.

Winter Photography Clever TipsThe cold surroundings might make it too difficult to find unique angles. Why not make a vignette out of it? Take a series of shots of your local area – both the good and the bad side of it.

  1. Use wide-angle full-frame lenses.

This is to enhance the subjects of your urban and architectural photography during winter time. The wide-angle full-frame lenses allow you to take shots of cramped interiors, narrow streets and all nooks and crannies of the surroundings.

  1. Alter your perspective.

Avoid converging verticals by not tilting your camera. If this is unavoidable, choose a viewpoint which would overemphasize them. Another thing is, if you want foreground subjects to appear larger, use wide-angle lenses and move closer to them. And if your camera has an articulated LCD, then you can find interesting angles if you are shooting at ground level.

  1. Don’t leave out light trails and movement.

Find a busy road or on a bridge and then set up your camera there. Make sure you are not in harm’s way or causing any obstruction. Adjust your exposure depending on the intensity and speed of the traffic – both people and vehicles.

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