Choosing The Best Makeup For Your Skin Type

Posted on: 22nd August 2013

Best Makeup For Your Skin TypeSelecting the right makeup for your skin tone is absolutely crucial for achieving a natural, fresh appearance. The first step in choosing the best makeup for your skin type is knowing how to identify what your skin type is. Your skin type is determined by your skin's undertones. These undertones remain the same regardless of other changes that might take place to your skin, for example, getting sunburned.

Many women have had the experience of purchasing cosmetics only to get home and realize that something appears off; you skin may have a slightly orangey look. This is a sign that your product does not properly match your skin type. The general rules of thumb for figuring out your skin type are: if you rarely burn but quickly tan, than you most likely have a yellow-olive skin tone. Those who neither burn nor tan tend to have more reddish-pink skin tones. Other style experts use one's veins to distinguish where one falls on the skin tone spectrum.

Once you have established what your skin type is, you can start selecting the cosmetic colors most ideal for you. When selecting colors and shades, also keep in mind your hair color. For example, if you have light hair and hair skin, you will want to select a blush product with a bluish undertone, otherwise you may look washed out. Highlight your eyes with shades of brown and bronzes. On the other end of the skin type spectrum is the dark skinned women. Go for bolder, vibrant colors such as ruby, royal blue or emerald green.

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