Charity Spotlight: World Vision

Posted on: 16th March 2016

We're always eager to support charities, and one charity that embodies everything giving back should be about is World Vision. This particular non-profit is a worldwide community development organisation, providing short and long-term assistance to 100 million people across the globe, including 2.4 million children.

World Vision has over 45,000 dedicated staff working in 96 countries, with a common mission to alleviate poverty and eradicate its causes. These good people have been committed to this goal for six decades, and work with people of all cultures, faiths and genders. Their strategies involve relief and development, policy advocacy and change, collaboration, and education about poverty, with a strong emphasis on personal growth, social justice, and spiritual values.

Put specifically, the agenda World Vision is committed to involves transformational development. This is a holistic approach to improving the lives of those living in poverty by recognising people's physical, social, spiritual, economic, and political needs.

They also have a keen focus on emergency relief, and follow the International Code of Conduct for disaster relief organisations. The charity also advocates for promotion of justice among victims of injustice and poverty, as well as strategic initiatives such as programs promoting community leadership. Above all, they are committed to raising public awareness about those in strife, and encouraging donors to give what they can.

World Vision is determine to serve the most disadvantaged people on the planet; relieving their suffering and transforming not only their living conditions, but their lives in general. More to the point, they seek to understand the situation of the poor, and bring them to a full and happy life. 

One of the most admirable strategies World Vision employs is seeking an engagement between the poor and the privileged. Rather than considering the poor as passive recipients (which is an easy trap for charities to fall into), they prefer to see the underprivileged as active participants in this relationship.  Therefore, donors can learn and receive for them, as well as give to them.

As such, World Vision is constantly moving closer to bridging the barrier of communication between the developed and developing worlds, encouraging understanding and respect. Their quest is for justice, peace, reconciliation and healing in a world riddled with difficulties.

Right now, World Vision is very committed to alleviating the plight of Syrian refugees, conquering the ever-spreading Zika virus, preventing forced child-marriage through sponsoring a child, and many more. So when considering a charity to support, why not consider World Vision? We think it's a more than worthy cause, and we're sure you will too! 

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