Budget-friendly Destinations- Most-sought Tourist Places To Explore The World!

Posted on: 25th August 2014

Budget-friendly DestinationsI dare to challenge those people who say that traveling around the world is only for affluent. I don’t have enough money, have a middle-class background, but still I defy saying that having limited funds never ruined my longing to discover world’s most amazing destinations. The hidden secret for an ultimate holiday souvenir must be your passion to backpack and leave for a globetrotting experience without worrying about what would come next?

But then this doesn’t mean that you should not plan your travel. Rather you should before it leaves you totally broke. There are so many budget-friendly locales available that offer the best ever trips of your life. The food, activities and accommodation presented by them undoubtedly suit your pocket and therefore encourage for a splendid journey.

Here from my personal experience I have managed to recommend you some really cheap travel and vacation picks. These places are where your wallet smile you live like a king and get the memories for years to come…


You may feel guilty for paying so little but Cambodia doesn’t mind at all to help get you a debt-free vacation. With a hostel bed booked for $4 along with comfy accommodation and delectable food items at a decent price, is also followed by plenty of non-chargeable activities. So, coming here would certainly be a memorable deal.


Don’t raise your eye brows thinking that Europe is so expensive then how come Prague won’t drain our bank account? It is a simple city to walk and explore. The night here seems rocking because of absolute bar fun along with beer served much cheaper than water.


Money is not a problem here all you need is an acquaintance with Spanish as English is rarely spoken. Cultural exploration at your fingertips as well as array of awe-inspiring sights while staying in its low-priced accommodation, the country truly deserves a visit.


Locations like Lake Titicaca, Salar De Uyuni and many more make the country really famous among the backpackers and gap-year travellers. From affordable places to stay to tasty, inexpensive food it reveals beautiful draws that share a very close bond with the nature.

Dominican Republic

Affordable all-inclusive resorts this island is a safe haven to pristine beaches, virgin forest, rustic trip to fishing village, and encounters with endangered wildlife.


It is a relatively cheap to pack your bags. Traveling here may cost you $5-$7 per day. However, this means overall trouble-free staying in the country.


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