Brigitte Nieberl’s Winning Stories

Posted on: 9th August 2013

Brigitte Nieberl’s Winning StoriesBrigitte Nieberl of QLD has a blogsite which she started out to document her competition quests and though not all of the posts are about her winning streaks, it is an impressive feat to have racked up over $2000 worth of goods in just under one year. Check out some of the free stuff she got even for just dedicating a few hours a week in being a comper.

Her first win was a Natio skin care pack. It’s nothing big like an overseas trip for two weeks, but she was very happy about it. Hey, free stuff is still free!

Christmas Club raffleBrig works as a receptionist at Bowls Club and last December 2012, she and her co-worker Kristy attended their Christmas Club raffle. She knew that hardly any people had purchased tickets but she was in for some great surprises of her life because she walked away getting a brand new Sony camera, an MP3 player and a bottle of men’s cologne. Her co-worker Kristy also went home with loads of goodies. Here is what she won during the club raffle:

More about her winnings on the next articles!

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