Breastfeeding in Public: Logical, Commendable, and Worth Emulating

Posted on: 28th October 2013

Breastfeding When there are people who feel indignant or horrified to see moms breastfeeding in public, isn’t it creepier to think that their biased feelings or notion of modesty and decency should be given priority instead of the right of the baby for nourishment and the responsibility of the mother to provide so? Read on to find out why moms must never be judged when breastfeeding their babies in public.


  1. Universal laws declare that preventing a woman to do the most basic response to a hungry child is illegal.
  2. Telling a mom to cover up herself while breastfeeding is a disgusting and controlling way of degrading her sex or gender.
  3. Telling a mom to stop breastfeeding because people are uncomfortable with it is a way of making her feel excluded or marginalized.
  4. Infants, toddlers, children – they have the right to feed. Period.
  5. Babies have the right to feed without being covered by something over their head or face.
  6. Babies must absolutely not be breastfed in unsanitary conditions like a public toilet just because it is a more private spot.
  7. Babies have a feeding schedule that does not conform to the comfort and convenience of strangers.
  8. Breastfeeding moms are forced to use a handicapped stall for people with disability because of the public’s negative response to their nursing or pumping activity. This is a very disappointing notion which should never happen to either one of them.
  9. Do not look then (or stare, for that matter), if you feel uncomfortable being around a breastfeeding mom.
  10. Babies must not be used to be given a bottle or pacifier because the mother’s nipple should be their first choice.
  11. It is not an easy task to pump breast milk so why prevent a woman who wants to give it away right there and then?
  12. Babies usually feel suffocated when their moms have to cover up when breastfeeding.
  13. It is hard enough to care for an infant – those sleepless nights and all – so covering ones’ self should be the least of the worry for breastfeeding moms.
  14. A blanket can only be an added weight to the baby bag that the mom has to sling around in public.
  15. Breastfeeding is easier than having to look for a place to warm a bottle for the hungry baby.
  16. Breastfeeding moms should not always be on the lookout for a private area in a public place. Duh.
  17. Breastfeeding moms don’t ever have to worry getting stuck in a place longer than she planned for because she can always breastfeed her baby.
  18. Siblings don’t have to delay or postpone their activities because their breastfeeding moms have to attend to their baby’s feeding sessions first.
  19. Breastfeeding moms in line have the right to stay in place because they have also waited for their turn.
  20. Other women don’t have to suffer waiting in line for too long in a public restroom because it is full of breastfeeding moms.
  21. When the breast milk lets down because the moms have to resist feeding their babies in public, it is more shameful. This is simply unacceptable.
  22. People who have appointments with breastfeeding moms don’t have to waste their time waiting for feeding session to end before they can begin their conversation or transaction.
  23. Breastfeeding regularly helps maintain a good supply of milk for the little ones.
  24. Breastfeeding moms have more pressing matters to attend to than consider the feelings of those against her feeding choice.
  25. It is more economical not to buy milk bottles, infant formulas and other baby apparatus. All the money could go to the baby’s educational trust fund instead.
  26. It is more efficient not having to go to and fro the grocery store to buy infant formula.
  27. Breastfeeding moms have the right to spend their money in other activities that would be beneficial for their continued learning and development as an individual.
  28. Women who nurse their little ones should also be encouraged to be active participants in the society rather than stay home because the babies need to feed all the time.
  29. The mother’s breast is the main factor that would ease a baby’s crying.
  30. The mother’s breast can silence a screaming baby demanding for food, which is something that cannot be done instantly when the bottle needs to be warmed first. Good luck with everyone else around a crying infant.
  31. The waiter or flight attendant has other customers/clients too. So instead of warming up a bottle for the mom and her baby, just allow her to breastfeed on her seat.
  32. Nursing a baby is easier, quieter, and more pleasant to look at (if you really cannot help yourself) than pumping in public.
  33. It is more discreet to breastfeed without a cover because a cover would just scream otherwise.
  34. There are other sights around to stare upon to, not a breastfeeding mom. So let your jaw drop while gazing on more monumental happenings.
  35. Breastfeeding is a normal and caring act, not a shameful activity.
  36. Breastfeeding should be and is always the first choice for feeding a baby.
  37. Breastfeeding moms can stop consumerism and should lead the battle against the infant formula industry.
  38. Breastfeeding moms should be a role model to other women and doing so will reinforce the activity – beneficial for the baby, the wallet, and the whole family.
  39. Breastfeeding moms should be empowered by others who do so in public so they don’t have to feel ashamed.
  40. Breastfeeding in public without any cover would encourage the mom to reach her breastfeeding goal for her baby.
  41. Children (and everyone else) should view the breasts in its natural function, not as sex objects.
  42. Women should not feel uncomfortable that their babies are sucking their breast simply because of the media’s portrayal of breasts.
  43. Babies are attached to their mothers’ breasts.
  44. Breastfeeding is beautiful and people should see it that way.
  45. Moms should never be belittled or humiliated because they are doing something as a basic response to their children.
  46. Women should show their breasts not as sex objects but as means of caring for another human being.
  47. It is nobody’s business to tell a breastfeeding mom what or how she should conduct herself in public because her baby is her main priority.
  48. Social networking sites (hello, Facebook!) have weird and creepy rules like banning images of breastfeeding moms but allowing ads with topless women.
  49. You have other important issues that need your concern or participation rather than bully a breastfeeding mom.
  50. All of these reasons are justifiable altogether or on its own because breastfeeding is logical, commendable, and worth emulating.

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