Biking Your Way Around Europe (Part 2)

Posted on: 2nd February 2014

Biking In EuropeEmbark on a Countryside Biking Experience

Biking around the countryside is a common activity for travellers in Europe. And since both locals and tourists find that biking is a very smart way to get around, the law of supply and demand in small towns is very well-balanced, more often favouring the people who need it. There are bike rental shops everywhere especially in places where there are excellent bike trailing options. If you want to trek the Danube and other river valleys as well as the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, biking is the way to do it. Even famous Greek islands and the Alps have reliable biking services.

When you get off a train station in countries like Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium, there are bike rental shops at the station which allows you to rent the bike for a few days if you want to tour around all the tulip fields, windmills and mountainside paths.

If you want to experience a long distance biking adventure in the European countryside, it is best to focus on a particular region or a single country. You can cover so much ground within a month or less.

You can do what other travellers do – bring their bikes from home. Staying in hostels or B&Bs would make it easier to just get off your bike and sleep the night away than go camping and tow your tent and sleeping bag when you’re on the road. If you choose to be part of a bike tour, you can let someone else carry your gear for you.

Don’t hesitate to bring your bike on the train. This way, sky is the limit as to what you can reach – not worrying about the traffic, the weather, the pacing – which is the most ideal concept of having a good time during your vacation travel in Europe. Even if it means doing so in a bike.

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