Best Websites for Finding Free Stuff in Australia

Posted on: 19th July 2013

Free Stuff in AustraliaLet's face it: we all like stuff, and lot's of it. However, we can't always afford everything we want. So, why not get it for free? Heck, even if you can afford it.....why pay for it if you don't have too! Here is a list of great Australian websites for finding that great stuff you want without having to pull out your wallet. These free stuff websites will have you coming back for more and more without ever putting a strain on you financially. Here are some website suggestions for free stuff in Australia.

1. Gumtree - This is an excellent website for free stuff! The website is organized by the region where you live. You can find locals giving away unwanted items. Their trash is your treasure. Here you can find furniture, books, jewelry, electronics, and even real estate. All for absolutely free!

2. Ozbargain - This one has some things for sale at severely discounted rates. This stuff is categorized by type of item: clothing, food, home stuff, etc. It also has a great section just for freebies. Current free deals could include anything from photography lessons to electronics and everything in between. You'll definitely want to check out this site often!

3. Recycle Australia - This one is awesome for those of you into being green. Why throw things away when you can recycle them? This website gives you the option of giving away unwanted items or swapping them for something you do want. This site offers everything from puppies to cars!


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