Best Tagaytay Vacation Escapades

Posted on: 16th July 2014

Best Tagaytay VacationTagaytay is famous for its cool weather, panoramic view of nature, and great food. It’s a cool, nice place to relax and appreciate nature at its best. It is also a serene and calming place to bond with family and friends alike.  If you are on your holiday trip to the Philippines, Tagaytay is where you can almost have it all.

Bag of Beans

Relax and have a sip of one of the best tasting coffee in the world here at Bag of Beans – the alamid coffee. Savour its aromatic taste while chatting with your loved ones or even fellow customers. Their garden setting is really inviting – dining here will help you be relieved of your stress. You can also opt to stay at their new dining area that is big and spacious – made from all-natural materials for that rugged yet cosy ambience. You can choose from their selections of coffee and pair it with excellent dishes from the menu. You can never go wrong in the selection of their scrumptious food dishes and most especially, the alamid coffee.

Mushroom Burger Restaurant

This is a healthful option for diet-conscious guests. Healthful food that is big in taste – that’s what Mushroom Burger is all about. Their mushrooms are grown from their own farm so you can really be assured of its freshness and excellent quality. Aside from burgers, they also serve Filipino style noodles and chicken dishes as well as mouth-watering desserts. Their prices are very affordable indeed. The burgers may look ordinary but wait ‘till you taste it and you’ll be surprised by the juicy taste, undeniably succulent and packed with lovely flavours too.

Sonya’s Garden

A true haven and a perfect getaway for families and for honeymooners – Sonya’s Garden is a favourite among tourists who visit Tagaytay. A very lovey place that is exudes true country living style. It’s like living your dream vacation when you are at Sonya’s Garden. When it first started out as a business, it is only open to friends and family members who want to have a relaxing haven during their vacation in Tagaytay. But word of mouth quickly turned this simple business into a booming one. Have a taste of their organic food dishes that is grown from their garden. The lush green all around and the colourful setting brought by a myriad of flowers are truly calming to the senses. They also offer their so-called free ‘art of doing nothing’ activities like plant propagation and everything related to gardening. They also have a lovely spa service which you can try for that complete experience of the place. This is a place that is truly satisfying to both body and mind.

Picnic Grove

This is a place where families can have fun and enjoy the panoramic view of the famous Taal Volcano. The large park area, verdant and serene, is a classic picnic setting. There are many tables and huts, so you need not worry about not finding your own space. Children can enjoy horseback riding. For thrill seekers, you may want to try their zip line and cable cars. It is indeed the right place where you can have the perfect view of the Taal Volcano, set amidst an unpretentious and calm lake. You can also opt to cook barbeque while relaxing at the shady hut. Picnic Grove also offers excellent yet affordable accommodations if you want to stay longer or for an overnight stay. This way you can experience the freshness of morning air in Tagaytay as soon as you wake up the next day.

Sky Ranch

It’s a leisure park that is bursting with fun-filled activities for both young and old. You would feel like a child again as you experience riding the famous sky-high Ferris wheel at Sky Ranch, which is dubbed as the “sky eye”. It is the country’s largest Ferris wheel. There are many rides to choose from, which include the sky cruiser or “sky-cycle”, zip line or “skyrider”, super Viking, and the sky jump. The express train, mini pirate ship, horse-back riding and the classic carousel are also available here – a sure hit for the little ones. While others are having fun at the rides, you can rent a gazebo so you can relax. Or you can also watch mime performances located near Sky Eye. Different restaurants inside Sky Ranch means a variety of food to choose from, so even if you did not bring your own picnic basket, you’ll never go hungry here. Try Leslie’s Restaurant which offers authentic Filipino food like bulalo as well as an array of grilled food dishes. Famous fast food stores and specialty stores are also around the area. Indulge in Krispy Kreme doughnuts, some classic chicken recipe from KFC, or the Red Engine’s buffalo burger to satisfy your thirst and hunger after those fun and wacky rides.

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