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Posted on: 19th February 2013

Some people enter competitions for the fun of it, but the majority of us have one thing on our minds: winning the best prizes. Usually it's regular run of the mill stuff like new cars, money, and home makeovers, but some companies take things to an extreme and really do offer the best prizes ever.

Here are some of our favourites.

The Best Job in the World

Back in 2009, Ben Southall from the UK was the lucky winner of his dream job. With a salary of $150,000 for six months, he became the caretaker/social media evangelist for Hamilton Island. The position was billed as ‘caretaker’, but really involved staying at five star resorts, jet skiing, scuba diving, and blogging about it to promote tourism in the Great Barrier Reef.

[caption id="attachment_1661" align="aligncenter" width="509"]Ben won the Best Job in the World Working hard or hardly working, Ben?[/caption]

Over 34,000 people entered the competition, which made news across the globe. Ben even appeared on Oprah to discuss his prize. Although it wasn’t all plain sailing (he got stung by a jellyfish a few months in and broke up with his girlfriend) Ben’s six month stint on the island has resulted in him landing a permanent job as Tourism Ambassador for Queensland.

A Pet Bengal Tiger

In 2010 Golden Tiger Casino ran a prize draw to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Tiger; by offering 15 lucky winners the chance to take home an adult Bengal tiger to call their own. Their website proudly boasts: “the Bengal tiger, native to India, Bangladesh and Nepal can now be native to your own living room! Imagine the look on your neighbour's face when you step out for a walk with a 200kg carnivore!”

Bengal tiger: one of the best prizes ever?

Although Rory T from Essex in the UK apparently won the first tiger, it turned out that this crazy competition was nothing more than a practical joke.

Become an Astronaut

Lad’s deodorant brand Lynx have been busy promoting their out of this world competition, offering one lucky bloke (or girl!) the chance to go where no man has gone before; well, apart from Buzz Aldrin and all that lot.

Twenty two guys will be chosen (four from Australia) to be put through a range of rigorous astronaut tests: before one lucky winner is shot into space.

This ad for the competition says it all, really: nothing beats an astronaut!

Reinventing the Neighbours Theme Tune

Forget winning a recording contract on Australian Idol; this prize is far more prestigious. In February 2013 Australia’s best loved soap opera, Neighbours, launched a contest searching for someone to breathe new life into their iconic theme tune. It does make sense: in this day and age, what better way than to take to the internet and crowd-source a crooner? Australian singers will be going up against Neighbours fans from the UK, heralding what promises to be a competition more tightly fought than the Ashes.

[caption id="attachment_1659" align="aligncenter" width="300"]win the chance to record the Neighbours theme tune You could become a music legend just like Jason Donovan[/caption]

What’s the best prize you’ve ever won?

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