Best Places to Take Great Photos

Posted on: 28th March 2013

Best Places PhotoEarth is an amazing planet full of breathtakingly beautiful locations worthy of a thousand images. Here are some of the best places to take great photos.

  1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Salt flats that go on for miles and miles, what can be      more spectacular than that? But when you have people of different      characters and personalities mingling within its surroundings, the fun      starts. Experiment with depth of field and you have a million ideas with      this blank white canvas.
  2. Deadvlei,      Namibia. Photography enthusiasts always crave for perfect contrasts, which      is exactly what you will get from the Sossusvlei area. In this part of the Namib Desert, you are surrounded by the red-hued richness of the dunes,      the azure sky with no hint of cloud in sight, black dead trees standing      eerily on the ground, and the fractured white floor of the desert.
  3. Queenstown,      New Zealand. Even folks who do regular travels here can’t shake off the      shivers that the magnificence of this resort town brings. The shimmering      Lake Wakatipu and the snow-capped mountains would just compel you to take      pictures. Jaw-dropping images are what you will get when you wait for the      late afternoon when the sun is evoking the Remarkables Range to emit crazy      colours.
  4. Antarctica.      Penguins and blue whales can make every shutterbug obsessed with      Antarctica. You can get the perfect close-up, group shot, and      environmental portrait shot to your heart’s content – and still find      yourself craving for

    more. But turn your attention to the snowy peaks and      the placid icebergs and you won’t stop clicking. And when there is a      plethora of dark meteorites showing up against the white canvas of snow      and ice – it is simply a photographer’s most earnest joy.

  5. Paris,      France. The most romantic city on the face of the planet is always      picture-perfect for no small reason. You will never run out of panoramic      views to capture with your camera when you have world-class structures,      famous monuments, historic buildings, and dramatic works of art all around      you. Use black and white film for a more interesting result. Wide-angle      lenses are best for snapping pictures of people in the foreground and      monuments in back.
  6. Moab,      USA. This is the place where Tom Cruise shot that famous rock climbing      scene for the Mission Impossible films. Mountain bikers, climbers, and      yes, photographers are always enthralled by its rocky, almost lunar      terrain.
  7. Serengeti,      Tanzania. Different types of photographers have different tastes in their      pictures but no one can resist capturing endangered animals on their      natural setting. What better place to do that than in Serengeti? Catch      lion lazily grazing near a flat-topped acacia tree or a cheetah sprinting      across the grassy plains during sunset and convince your friends that you      were actually out there in the wild.
  8. Cesky      Krumlov, Czech Republic. Tranquillity and adventure. Rustic yet classical.      Quiet yet sophisticated. This popular town in the Czech Republic will have      any snap shooter at hello. Its old world charm, colourful ancient Bohemian      buildings, unspoilt nature spots, and picturesque countryside are ideal      subjects for unforgettable photo ops.
  9. Oaxaca      City, Mexico. It is on the Day of the Dead festival in November that the      whole town is spruced up with the multi-coloured and the morbid – an      extraordinary subject for your pictures. Papier mache skulls,      glow-in-the-dark skulls, sand-sculptured skulls are just some of the      masterpieces of local residents here, showcasing their unique artistic      skills.
  10. Johnston      Canyon, Canada. Cold months are the best time to take pictures here.      Saying that it is a magnificent winter wonderland here would be an      understatement. Check out the frozen cliff faces and the solid river,      which can be beautifully captured in your camera.

Whether you are a budding snap shooter or a professional photographer – you can never do wrong with these picture-perfect spots. But if you’re seriously thinking about entering photo contests using the abovementioned places as your subject, remember the following.

  • Stand in front of your chosen subject. It may seem too obvious but you have to believe that what is in front of you will give you the best photos you want to get.
  • Always be alert. Because some of the best shots can only be captured during a brief window of opportunity. Have your camera ready at a moment’s notice so you can have the element of spontaneity written all over your pictures.
  • Be patient. You want to force a good shot to happen but patience is a crucial factor to be able to capture the evolution of a natural occurrence.
  • Understand your camera. It has its capabilities and limitations. The more you comprehend it, the more you can let your creativity rule.
  • Trust your instinct. When something bugs you to go back, give in. If a particular subject brings the twinkle in your eye, take that chance and snap away instantly. It is what you see and feel and think that is most important to capture images that would satisfy your unique digital palate.

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