Best Places to Seek Out An Adventure of a Lifetime

Posted on: 6th October 2013

Best Places to Seek AdventureBreak free from the humdrums of city living and go on an adventure travel around the world. If you can indulge and splurge in this exciting journey of a lifetime, it will give you a sense of overwhelming achievement or just leave you simply stunned and inspired.

Finding the best places to embark on an adventure of a lifetime is not easy as there are so many options to cater your unique expectations, skills, and needs. Each country has its own charm, beauty, and wonders worthy to be experienced. Then again, we have come up with recommended adventure travel and destinations if you can manage to take a few days off from the office and break your budget.

Adrenaline-pumping activities await you if you choose to go to New Zealand. It is not for the faint of heart since you will be faced with many options to go bungee jumping. Leave your fears behind and take the leap of faith at 42 metres in Taupo or at 134 metres in Queenstown. The thrill as you dive out head first is incomparable. It would be great if you can have some of your friends or relatives to document your bungee experience. Other recommended destinations for such free fall adventure are in Zimbabwe at 166 metres, in Switzerland at 220 metres, and at The Macau Tower in China at 233 metres.

Yet another recommended travel destination for thrill-seekers is at the Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. If you have never tried riding an elephant before, now is your chance. The ride might not be that comfortable but it sure is a momentous experience. The gentle giants will take you deep into the jungle along deep mud, murky river waters, and rugged terrain. Just make sure you hold on tightly to something as the elephant treads a downhill path. If you are unsure of riding on your own, you can opt for a double seating. Be surrounded by diverse flora and fauna as well as the different sights and sounds of wildlife creatures. This is the best off-road adventure you will never forget. If you cannot satiate your appetite for this one-of-a-kind experience, head out to Cambodia, Vietnam, or Thailand so you can find the locals walking their elephants or bringing them for a glorious mud bath.

After taking the plunge from high above and staying on ground with the adorable elephants, why not scale the summit of Mount Everest. This must be the on top of the bucket list of every adventurer at heart. You have to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually because it would not be an easy task. But once you reach the top, the feeling of awe and accomplishment will make the unbearable journey all fade into a blur. If you are up for other challenging mountain climbing, there are many recommended travel destinations to look out for. Make sure you are in your best mind and body conditions before you climb mountains in Chile, the Philippines, and New Zealand.

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