Best Free iPad Games

Posted on: 28th July 2013

Free iPad GamesOne of the perks of having an iPad is all of the free game apps and gizmos that you can download to keep yourself entertained. Some games are for purchase only, however, why pay for games to put on your iPad when you can find tons of awesome games to download for free? There are hundreds of free games available; here is a compilation of some of the best free ipad games.

Free Flow:

This is one of the top iPad games for the strategic gamer. The premise of Free Flow is to connect the colored dots and fill the entire screen, making sure that not of the pipes you have created overlap. Although it starts out relatively simple, soon connecting these colored dots requires increasing strategic planning.

Doodle Jump:

In this game, an adorable little doodle jumps from plank to plank, gaining points as he increases height. Watch out for monsters and other traps along the way, however! Certain settings also allow you to collect objects for points, enabling you to purchase and dress up your doodle in different outfits.

Temple Run:

If you haven’t already downloaded it, you’ve probably at least seen other people playing it. In this game, you are running to escape from a gang of evil monkeys. Dodge, jump and swerve as you avoid obstacles and run for your life.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo:

The name might sound slightly dubious, however, this game is wildly addictive and entertaining. Match blocks of condo colors together to earn points. In this free version of the game there is a two minute limit for each round.

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