Best Asian Destinations for Experiencing Adventure

Posted on: 5th October 2013

Best Asian DestinationsVacationing in Asia is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone – yourself, your spouse, or your family. It is a region of contradictions: old facades and medieval structures amidst towering skyscrapers and surreal architecture, dynamic and energetic yet tranquil and calm, spectacular landscape settings over bustling and colourful street markets. If you want to find out how you can have the greatest Asian travel and adventure, read on.


If you feel like you can scale the top of the mountains but still not ready to conquer the Everest, try Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. You do not have to possess any specialized skills or training to traverse the third tallest mountain in the region of Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, you still have to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the ascent. Professional climbers can reach the summit, which is at 13,400 feet, in just a little over than four hours. But you do not have to beat the record; instead, immerse yourself with the beauty and charm of the diverse biological and botanical species here. The slopes of Kinabalu are home to the great ape of Southeast Asia – the orangutan as well as the humungous Rafflesia plant.


Your travel around Asia’s best destinations would not be complete without exploring the Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines. It is dubbed as the underwater Garden of Eden for no simple reasons – its jam-packed coral walls are paradise haven for schools of colourful and exotic marine creatures. It would be like an interactive learning experience as you get surrounded by manta rays, hawksbill tortoises, jacks, clown fish, lionfish, moray eels, Moorish idols, and other species on the endangered list. If you bob your head out of the water, you would see a host of frigate birds, boobies, and migratory terns all considering Tubbataha as a refuge.


Next stop on your best locations to visit while in Asia is at the ruins of Angkor Temples in Cambodia. The former capital of the formidable Khmer Empire is sprawled in over 200 square miles of lush forest and verdant farmlands. The historic structures were once symbol of opulence, power, and violence from 9th to 15th centuries.


Of all the 13,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali has become the top tourist destination. It comes as no surprise because of its pristine beaches, fascinating culture, hospitable people, and bewitching tranquillity. Have an unforgettable trip here as you engage in traditional and modern activities that will open your eyes about its rich history and heritage. But just in case you just want to savour the sun, sea, and sand – the shores of Bali await your visit.


Your great Asian travel and adventure will not be complete without engaging in some retail therapy. Brave the congestion and chaos of Bangkok City in Thailand so you can have a rewarding shopping experience. One particular popular area is the Sukhumvit, where stalls and shops are teeming with high-end and vintage clothing and accessories, exotic jewellery and exquisite local products and other knick-knacks at very affordable prices. You would surely have more than two handfuls to carry back home.


So during the holidays, go on your great Asian travel and adventure to experience the people, history, places, and culture of this fascinating and exotic continent.

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