Benefits of Getting Free Products

Posted on: 12th July 2014

Free Products BenefitsWho doesn’t get excited when you get something for free?  It is always a welcome surprise receiving an unexpected treat. Getting free stuff these days happens all the time, while walking in the mall, when in restaurants, supermarkets, in your local neighbourhood market and even in your homes you can still get all kinds of free items and products.

Do not be too surprised when companies and manufacturers regularly give away their products. And they are giving away high valued, high quality, highly sought after products to the lucky customers and consumers. Because these are actually marketing strategies, that are designed to attract new clients and keep their loyal customers.

Millions of dollars are set aside by competing companies to gain some edge from each other. They regularly hold marketing and promotional campaigns to introduce their latest products or revitalize their slow moving ones. Giving away products for free is one of their favorite promotional strategies.

Businesses have thought of all kinds of way to give their products to potential customers for free. Because of this, many consumers are benefiting not only from the cash that they are able to save every time they get a free sample, and as prizes or free giveaways. Consumers are able to personally try them out, taste, examine, use or test products for a longer period of time without cost. The people are given enough time to make a proper assessment, if they really need or like the product enough to purchase it and keep on buying them.  These also provide companies feedback mechanism where consumers can make honest comments and suggestions to improve and make their products better.

Giving away free samples is one example, they do this to promote or introduce new products to consumers.  You can usually encounter them in malls, supermarkets and even online. They literally want you to try out these items. Online websites provide legitimate sites and links dedicated to give away free samples. Consumers can easily locate all kinds of free sample they like in one place unlike supermarkets where choices are limited, all they have to do sign up to be on the mailing list and companies will even regularly send free samples to them for free.  All someone has to do in return is to give an honest opinion and suggestions about the product they received, which is not a bad deal. On the other hand many companies believe that once consumers are able to try out or taste their product, people would like them and would be interested enough to keep on buying them.

Another type is product giveaways, it is also designed to increase sales, and here are some examples. Consumers are given free giveaways as a prize if they exceed a certain amount of purchase or when they buy a number of particular products. Some establishments give away prizes if you are the first customer of the day or you are the 100th or if you are the last customer.

Another example is the buy one, get another one for free. This is one way supermarkets and manufacturers  promote some of their merchandise or generate sales on slow moving products when they want to move their old stocks out or the products that are about to reach their date of expiry in a few months. Many consumers cannot resist a completely good bargain of getting two products for a price of one.

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