Beauty Competitions

Posted on: 22nd March 2013

Beauty CompetitionsEntering a beauty competition is an extremely rewarding experience. By requesting feedback from the judges you can know how to improve your performance the next time around.

Here are several things that you should not do in a beauty pageant.

Gloves should be excluded in a beauty pageant. Many judges do not like girls which over do their entry plus they do not want to be distracted by the extras.

Smiling increases your scores. When you smile it shows the judges that you can manage pressure. Your fear must be held in check when on stage. Practise smiling as practise becomes perfect.

Know the correct time of judging. Some persons have in the past turned up for a an event wearing the incorrect outfit or wearing the same outfit because they did not have the correct times for the event. This will cause you to lose points which can cause you to lose the competition. .

Never over eat the night before the competition. Some outfits will not fit as well after you have had a heavy meal. You also run the risk of injuring yourself if you are required to perform.

Never showcase a talent that people are unable to follow.  If you can play classical music it may not necessarily be the best piece of music to showcase. You should always choose a popular piece to present to the crowd.

And lastly never fail to think before speaking when being interviewed. Spend a few seconds thinking about the question that the judges have asked. Questions asked should have logical and substantive answers it should show that their is some amount of thought going into what is being said.

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