Basic Editing That Will Make All Differences To Your Photos - No Camera Is As Good As A Human Eye

Posted on: 12th August 2014

Basic Photo EditingTravel is incomplete if you don’t get the pictures clicked. After all these pictures are mementos of the most cherished time you have spent with your loved ones on your favorite destination. But sometimes what happens that at the time of selecting your best shots your camera does not approve your images at the time of downloading, and therefore you feel completely dishearten and defeated.

Well, would you mind if I ask you about editing? Yes, editing a photo is an art this you must know to enhance your photography skills. It may prove out to be a ground-breaking step in making ugly photos really an eye-catching one. However, by paying little more attention you can actually make your vacation photos really stand out with the use of ‘photo editing tools.’

Enhancing Levels

 Levels, a beginning step for image enhancements. It is basically a tool that provides creative control over three things including; contrast, brightness and color of the image. Further, it is believed that a good picture requires a histogram that goes from the darkest shadow to the brightest highlight.

Balancing and Saturation

Everyday can’t be a shining sunny day so you must remember that you camera may encounter with overcast and foggy days. So, you must be ready with color saturation. This means image, adjustments and hue/saturation. By using this technique you can increase the vibrancy of colors expressed in the picture and thus will create more impact. However, during these days it all depends upon the individual taste of the photographer as to how much color needs to be added or subtracted.

Brightness and Contrast

In any photo-editing program the most basic yet important tools to improve dull photos are brightness and contrast. Adding contrast to a picture will again be a personal preference. It will put emphasis on the darker areas from the highlights. Further, you must keep in mind that adding contrast needs extra care as too much of contrast may give your picture a cartoon-like look.

Crop A Picture

Now once you have managed to edit the picture on the basis of above-mentioned guidelines this also brings a dire need to crop the unnecessary. The usage of cropping tool will help you keep what exactly you want and delete the rest.

Drawing Attention

This is an age-old technique famous since Renaissance time to lure the attention of the onlooker to the main subject in the picture. The usage of selection tool, curve tool will help you get the desired effect.

We have tried to cover all the photo-editing points, still if you have something to share do write back to us…

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