Baking Contests – 5 Tips From Judges And Master Chefs

Posted on: 3rd July 2014

Baking ContestsBaking contests are super fun and most people enter because they love baking so much. But at the same time, it is fun to win the first prize especially if your recipes come out delicious time after time, every time. Here are a few priceless tips given by masters:

  1. Know Your Oven – this is perhaps one of the greatest tips you should know. You need to know whether your oven is a “hot” oven or “cool” oven. To test it, cook a few scones in the middle rack at 220 degrees. If it takes more than 15 minutes to get done, your oven is “cool” or slow; if it takes less than 12 minutes, your oven is “hot” or fast. Now that you know, you may adjust your baking time accordingly and get it perfect every time.
  1. Chocolate Flavor Fix – when using cocoa for adding flavor to your cake, add a pinch of baking powder to it. This will help in blending and also give it a better flavor. Be careful that you use only a pinch or the flavor will  be affected.
  1. Fruits And Nuts Additions – whenever you add fruit and nuts to your cakes, buns, muffins, or scones get them coated in flour before adding them to the batter. This will ensure even distribution.
  1. Powder Milk Instead Of Fresh Milk - if you find that fresh milk is not available using powder milk will make excellent scones, too. Just remember to sift the milk along with the flour and then add water. The texture will be lighter and very appetizing.
  1. Icing On The Cake – always wait until the cake is totally at room temperature before you add the icing on the cake. If it is even a little warm, the icing will melt into the cake and spoil the show. It will still taste great, but the presentation would have been spoilt.
  1. Be Careful About The Over Temperature – be careful that the oven is not too hot at the start or your cake will crack on the top.
  1. Prevent Cake Sticking To The Tin – grease and flour the bottom of the tin evenly and thinly. If it is not even it would tend to stick; also, if it the layer of flour is too thick. Grease it lightly and apply the thinnest sprinkle of flour.

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