Avoiding Scam And Win Competitions Online

Posted on: 22nd April 2013

Avoiding ScamYou can find a competition just about anywhere online. Take part in different competitions for chances to win thousands of dollars in prizes such as phones , cars, electronics and money.  You can also win vacations and shopping sprees. There are many compers from all over the world who are making a decent living entering competitions online in newspapers and magazines. If you are considering to enter a competition there are several things that you should keep in mind to safeguard yourself and avoid scams as you win competitions online.

Scams online

When conducting business online one needs to take special care as there are many scammers who set up fake competitions to lurer individuals into a trap. In many instances when a scam is placed the aim is to get you to spend money upfront you will need to judge between legitimate competitions by doing research. Also be weary of competitions that ask you to pay an entry fee that is larger than the first prize.

  • If a competition ask you to call in order to claim a prize do not do this. Most times if you have won a prize you will receive the notification by email.
  • Avoid competing surveys to claim prizes as companies use this as a way to collect your personal information to sell to spammers.
  • If you have won a competition and they are asking that you pay for shipping then it’s a scam.

Start Comping

Professionals from all over the world have created their own unique name “comping” Some persons have have made competitions a part time job while others have made entering competitions a full time job.

Enter Competitions

Entering a competition is very simple, each promotion has a form that you fill in with your personal details. competitions will ask simple questions or ask you to choose a secret question that is easily answered. For others you may be required to enter a short story, a catch line, pictures etc.

So Why Do we Enter Competitions

The main purpose for entering any competition is to win. If you love the idea of winning excellent free prizes then competitions are the surest way to achieve this.

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