Avoiding Fake Photo Competitions

Posted on: 10th April 2013

Photography Competitions

Quickly searching for photo competitions on the internet will bring back thousands of websites that offer competitions for amateurs. You can easily identify these sites because they're riddled with ads.

Although the majority of photography competitions are legitimate, it's important to remember that some are set up by scam artists to fleece people.

What to look out for

One popular scam asks you to upload your photo to a website, and soon after they email you to tell you that your pic is great. They'll offer you the chance to have your photo published in a book or magazine. Obviously you'll be excited, until they ask you to pay them some money. It's important to second guess them, and do a bit of research, to make sure the offer is real.

Every photographer who 'enters' will get the same email: even if their pictures are dull.

Other variations of the scam invite you to attend a conference or purchase a trophy: again, costing money.

Scammers know exactly what amateurs want to hear. These sites are designed to encourage wishful thinking by making over the top promises.

How to avoid being duped

We know it's boring, but seriously: always read the small print.

Never enter a competition that asks you to relinquish the rights to your photographs. Most legitimate competitions will only request permission to reprint your photo if you're selected as the winner.

Another way to avoid scams is to only enter competitions on reputable websites. Competition Crazy takes the worry out of entering photography competitions, or any other contests. All of the competitions, prize draws, and giveaways posted on our website have been vetted. They've also been checked over to ensure that they comply with Australian law.

It's still always worth reading the small print before you enter, even if it's just to make sure you're not going to be disqualified over a technicality.

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