Australian Online Competitions and Consumer Protection

Posted on: 11th April 2014

Established in 1995, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent Australian Government statutory authority that administer the Trade Practices Act 1974 and the Prices Surveillance Act 1983. Its main goal is to promote and regulate competition and fair trade in the market place to benefit consumers, business and the community, ensuring that all stakeholders would comply with the laws concerning Commonwealth competition, consumer protection and fair trading. It also looks after national infrastructure services.

While the state and territory offices create and administer relevant legislation for each of its jurisdiction, the ACCC sees to it that it is properly implemented by individuals and businesses engaged in any form of trade promotion. The Competition and Consumer Policy Division of the Commonwealth Treasury also reinforces these rules and regulations to protect the consumers.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

The ACCC provides an overview of what the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is all about which includes an overview of the legislation and amendments as well as fact sheets and how-to guides that ordinary citizens can understand. The ACL is applicable to all Australian businesses, regardless of the state or territory they are being managed.


For consumers

The treasury is a wealth of information for consumers, especially those engaged in trade promotions, about their rights and privileges as well as guarantees, contracts and agreements, and debt. The consumers can also make complaints related to any discrepancies brought about by the trade promotion and its marketing manager as well as misleading advertising and claims, prizes that do not match the description upon the start of the trade promotion and forced online shopping. The treasury also covers issues relating to prices and receipts of online goods including LPG, diesel and petrol as well as groceries and any form of merchandise on the Web.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission runs the MoneySmart website which offers information and guidance to consumers about wise spending and other important financial decisions. This website is composed of consumer educators and financial planners that have the knowledge, experience and skill about budgeting, insurance, borrowing and credit, banking, investing, retirement income planning, unclaimed money and scams. The website has tools and calculators to help you manage and maintain your personal finances wisely.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

National Consumer Credit Regulation

The National Consumer Credit Regulation under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission provides information about registration, licensing and regulation of consumer credit for the whole country.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

The PPSR national register is the site where you can check and evaluate used goods and items you want to buy. It can provide information about whether the merchandise has a security interest or not. These include boats, cars, machinery and almost anything except real estate. Furthermore, the PPSR can also provide businesses additional protection if they supply merchandise or lease goods to a debtor who suddenly defaults or goes bankrupt.

Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia

Product Safety Australia

The website provides information about all forms of merchandise, especially unsafe products. Consumers, businesses and other interested parties can all benefit from this.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Product Safety Email Alerts

If you subscribe to ACCC’s product safety email alerts, you can receive notifications about product categories – whatever is new and/or updated about it.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Product Safety Recalls Australia

If you sign up to ACCC’s product safety recalls, you can receive email notifications about merchandise and goods that have been recalled.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The website can also provide protection of financial identity to both consumers and businesses. This could be really helpful especially if there is a problem that might suddenly occur in any online transaction or investment they make.

Australian Bankers' Association

Recalls Australia

Recalls Australia allows consumers and businesses to check on recalled goods and merchandise using their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. You can also report about unsafe products and other content that might be helpful in consumer protection.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Scams - Reports And Complaints

Do not hesitate to contact any government agency across Australia if you think there is a scam happening right under your nose or if you believe that you are being scammed. This way, the ACCC can take immediate and necessary actions right away.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission


The ACCC organized the Scamwatch to educate consumers and businesses – whether big or small – on recognising scams as well as avoiding them. They are encouraged to report right away to minimise any loss.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Your Rights And Safeguards

The ACCC also provides a telephone service for consumers and businesses to assist them in connecting and repairing faults, interim and alternative services. It also guarantees the implementation of terms and conditions of service, priority assistance, codes of practice, and untimed local calls as well as service for people with disabilities or special needs.

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