Australian Competition Permit Requirements

Posted on: 5th February 2013

Competitions and Consumer ACTIf you are thinking about launching an online competition in Australia, you will need read up on the laws governing competitions, and find out about competition permit requirements as stated in Australia’s competition laws. You will also need to have an understanding of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.


How to get a permit for running an online competition


In addition to knowing the law, you will also have to apply for the appropriate permits before launching your online competition. The rules for getting a permit vary based on location. This article provides some general guidelines for Australia’s different states. For added information, contact your local state authority. They will provide you with the latest updates on the law before you launch your online competition.


Permit costs vary based on the value of the competition prize. Some Australian states will only ask you to have a permit for games of chance; in these cases, competitions judged on skill and merit don’t require a permit.


For additional information on the laws governing online competitions, visit the Australian Government website.


Permit requirements across Australia




If the prize is valued below $5,000 AUD, you don’t need a permit. You can find more info on the  VCGR website.


South Australia


For people living in South Australia, a permit is not required if the prize is worth less than $5,000 AUD.  Competitions that are rated as games of skill don’t require a permit, either. For games of skill there is no limit placed on the value of the prize. However, if a game of skill has a prize draw element, the promoter has to apply for a permit.




You don’t need a permit to run a competition in Queensland, regardless of the prize value. Visit the  OLGR website for more info.


New South Wales


All games of chance require a permit in NSW, no matter the prize value. For games of skill, there is no permit requirement. Visit OLGR website for further info.


Australian Capital Territory


If you want to run a competition in ACT, you need to apply for a permit. The permit cost is based on the value of the prize. You can find more info on the GRC website, and for fee costs see schedule of fees.


Northern Territory


Permits are required if the prize offered in the competition exceeds $5,000 AUD. For more info, see permit requirements and Dept of Justice Northern Territory.




There are no permit requirements for promoters who want to launch a trade promotion or an online competition. See the DTF website for additional information.


Western Australia


In Western Australia competition holders don’t require a permit, so long as the contestants can enter for free. See the DRGL website for additional info.

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