Aubrey Boyce Wins Mega Millions Jackpot of $133 Million

Posted on: 15th September 2013

Aubrey Boyce Lotto WinnerIt is everybody's dream to win the Lottery. We've all planned out exactly how we're going to spend our winnings, and fantasized of quitting our jobs for a life in the lap of luxury. Well, for lottery winner Aubrey Boyce, that dream has just become a reality. Boyce, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority collections agent, has in an instant gone from a salary of just over $60,000/year to becoming a Multi-Millionaire with his winning the $133M Mega Millions Jackpot. He decided to take the lump sum payment which brought his winnings down to about $83 Million, then after taxes Boyce pocketed a cool $54.6 Million dollars. Not too shabby for a $2 quick pick from a convenience store! The key to Boyce's winning was, obviously, that he actually played. Boyce made a habit of spending about $12 each week on tickets, and this particular week it really paid off. Sometimes the sheer odds stacked against you can deter even the most avid gambler from taking a shot on the lottery. But remember, if you don't play at all your chances of winning are precisely Zero. With every ticket you play, you cut the odds against you in half. So get your lucky numbers, select a quick pick, rub your lucky rabbit's foot, and get out there and play. I can imagine no worse feeling then forgetting to play your lucky numbers only to see them pop up as the winning numbers in the next drawing. Of course only play what you can afford, but budgeting in a few dollars a week for tickets could just change your life in ways you can only begin to imagine!

Check out this YouTube video from the New York post showing Aubrey Boyce being presented with his oversized check for an oversized amount of $133 Million!

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